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Welcome to the blog and welcome to the wonderful world of making your own products! I'm constantly updating this page, but I hope to have all the beginner projects and instructions up here shortly. I cannot suggest strongly enough that you visit the frequently asked questions section because there are so many questions other people have asked me over the last few years answered there! Check out the Newbie Tuesday posts and look at the visual tutorials I've written on SnapGuide for more information (right hand side of the blog, scroll down).

What you need to know about making any product (part 1)
What you need to know about making any product (part 2)
How to read and convert recipes

Back to basics: Defining terms for anhydrous products
Back to the very basics: Conditioner
Back to the very basics: Lotions
Back to the very basics: Shampoo

Learning about the skin feel of our oils

Formulating lotion bars
Formulating whipped butters

Let's make a lotion
Let's make a body butter
Let's make a thick cream
Let's make a conditioner!
Let's make bath salts! 
Let's make bath bombs!

What are surfactants?

Lotion making PDF
Conditioner making PDF




Shawna said...

Is there a post on how/why you started making your own beauty products? If not I was just curious as to what started your journey. Just because... or did you want control over the ingredients in your skin care?
I've noticed that you include some ingredients that are included in 'naughty/bad' lists out there. (As a newbie I have no idea what's hype and what's good information.) You seem to be well informed, educated, and logical, how do you decide/learn what products are safe to include? So overwhelmed and frustrated by all the contradicting views!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Shawna. I hope I've answered your question a little with this post to be published on March 15th.

Charlene Barnes said...

I am so excited about your blog! I have been making CP soap for some time and decided I wanted to branch out, so I started researching and geez all the conflicting information and sorting it all out was/is daunting to say the very least. The more I researched and the more forums that I read, I keep seeing your blog referenced time and time again. So here I am starting at the newbie links to read from beginning to end, your blog is a wealth of information, and you are an incredible person to share all your knowledge and a most wonderful teacher as well. Thanks a ton!!

Becky Bravo said...

Susan, first of all love this blog. I have been reading and learning for days and I am nowhere to being done. :-) I am looking for a list of oils and their fatty acid components, so I know how to exchange them. Ex, what is the fatty acid of emu oil, so I can find a substitute? The same for wheat germ oil. Some of these oils are very costly and if I could find alternatives that would be great. Thanks a lot. Becca Bravo

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Becky! Have you looked at the emollients section of the blog where I do evaluate different oils and their fatty acid profiles?

Aja Newton-Carter said...

Hi, I noticed that you don't list body scrubs on this page, is there a page just for body scrubs and the legal in and outs, maximum usage rates for Essential oils, what and how to read a IFRA sheet, packaging, what permits/licenses I need to look for to make this from my home, etc? I know that different states may or may not require but I don't know what it would be called in order to look.

Aja Newton-Carter said...

Also I read some of your pages about preservatives, I want to make scrubs that are all natural and mostly organic and I noticed that preservatives aren't usually natural so what do I do with that? Thanks
P.S. I did find the area about labels and packaging. The the color of the packaging matter? I noticed when I look at vendors I can get containers in purple, blue, brown is that just decorative?

kristen pirie said...

Hi Susan! I've been reading your blog all day! So interesting! I make many products myself and have a little handmade business. One thing I've never been able to master is a good liquid bubble bath. My current castile soap bubble bath lacks the lovely foaming bubbles from store bought bubble bath liquids. So I gave in and purchased some surfactants: Cocamidopropyl Betaine & Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate. Now I'm not sure how much to add as I've never worked with them before. Do you have a recipe that I could sub in my ingredients?

My current recipe is: 1 C liquid castile soap, 2 tbsp vegetable glycerine, 1/2 cup distilled water, 1 tbsp coconut oil.

Ruth Indah Kristiani said...

Hi Susan i dont know to say, your blog ia veryyyyyy interesting i feel so bless.everything i need i get in your blog, thank You for sharing, kiss from me may You healthy n happy. i start to make cosmetics for me And probably to sell,n your blog is veryyyyyy helpfull.with love from Indonesia.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Kristen! Sorry I missed your comment! Take a look at the bubble baths I've made on this blog and make a few alterations.

Hi Ruth! Thanks for the kind words. I hope you're having fun making things!

bbrooksdavis said...

Hi Susan,
When I try to open the lotionmaking pdf and the conditionerpdf I get a drop box error message? Help?

Paula Carlson said...

Someone on Natural Skin Care Formations said the following: "Herb infused oils for anhydrous products. Yay or nay? I've read a post by Susan Barclay Nichols (love her!) that we definitely should NOT be doing this even if the herbs are dry and even if there's no water in our product. I LOVE my lavender/calendula infused soybean oil! Thoughts?"

I searched your site and couldn't find an article regarding this. Is it true? Thanks.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Paula! It's in the FAQ!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Paula again! I tried to get into that group as I thought it would be interesting to see what people are saying so I could address it, and I've been blocked. I don't know why that could be? Hmm....

Paula Carlson said...

Sorry, I had searched "herb infused oils" on your site and nothing came up. Thanks you, I have found it. Don't know about the other site, you have a lot of supporters on it!!!

ejiro abiaziem said...

Hello, very informative blog you have here, don't know the appropriate channel to send this mail through hence I am sending it here.
I made a payment of 128USD through Paypal and am yet to received the e_books, can you confirm payment! also am yet to receive the e_zine for last month as well. Thanks Susan