Sunday, March 18, 2018

Digest of links to the new blog for March 9th to March 17th, 2018

We've been whipping up a storm of exfoliating foaming bath butters and micellar waters over on the new blog, so I hope you'll join me on the new blog as we have fun formulating all manner of lathery, bubbly things!

We’re continuing to move things over from the old blog to the new, so you can find things like the ingredients and emollients list under “resources” on the site. That’s where you’ll find the list of links for the duplication formulas as well as the emollients section.

All the posts from January 31, 2011, are on the new blog, so if you have a comment, I’ll ask that you seek out the post on the new blog to share it there. All the posts have the same date and the same title, so it’s easy to find it. I’m getting spammed to heck over here, so I’m moderating all posts, whereas the new blog has a great new system on which you can share links and pictures and such.

Don't forget to join us on the extremely epic open thread for February, too! Such great conversations about whatever interests you!

Patreon means this is a Patreon exclusive post, and you have to be a Patreon subscriber to access it. (As a note, you can subscribe for as little as $1 a month to access the blog! Click here to learn more.)

Patreon Q&A means this is a question someone posed on Patreon and I'm answering it. You have to be a Patreon subscriber to access it.

If it doesn't say Patreon on it after January 1st, it means it's open to everyone.

Administrative stuff means stuff about the blog, like how things work or will work.

Discussion is an open thread where I hope to see your comments, thoughts, or questions, although you're welcome to share on any post over there.

Open thread is a post where you can discuss any topic you wish!

March 9th
Patreon Q&A: How do you decide which version of an ingredient is best? 

Discussion: What’s your favourite product to make? What’s your least?

Ingredient: Jojoba beads 

March 11th
Patreon Q&A: What’s that goop in my surfactant bottle?

Experiments from the workshop: Suspending jojoba beads in foamy facial cleansers

March 12th
Foaming bath butter with jojoba beads 

March 13th
Creating a pumpkin seed & orange oil degreasing hand scrub

March 14th
Viscosity - the start of a series on thickening surfactants

Patreon exclusive - creating micellar waters

March 16th
Discussion: How did you get started making products?

March 17th 
Sorry for not posting, fragrance ideas, open thread link

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