Sunday, November 12, 2017

I have removed all the charts from this blog - updated on November 12, 2017

I have removed all the charts I created for oils, butters, preservatives, and more as well as all the free PDF tutorials and handouts as I'm tired of seeing people using my work without linking here or giving me credit. These charts are the result of a lot of reading and researching. The three newest ones I had planned to share on emulsifiers, extracts, and cosmeceuticals have been in progress for at least 18 months.

You will not see any charts on this blog again for download. 

To respond to the people who have been saying that I'm trying to make money from my charts - so what if I am? These are my charts, and I can do what I like with them. Don't I give away enough? Don't I deserve to be paid for my time, my work, my writing? 

The three companies distributing my e-books - Voyageur Soap & Candle, Windy Point Soap, and Lotioncrafter - are the only ones allowed to share these charts with the e-books or during classes. I send them out with e-books, too. These are the only ways you can access them at this time.

If you see someone sharing my charts on a web site, blog, or forum, or sharing them in a Facebook group, they are doing this without my permission and against my very clear requests that anyone wanting to share the charts link directly to the blog to download them. No one has permission to share these charts publicly. No one has permission to host them anywhere but on this blog. No one has permission to use these charts in any classes they may be offering. 

My dad used to say it only takes one bugger to spoil it for everyoneThese people are some of the buggers...

All Sorts of Soap - I have written repeatedly to her to remove the charts, but they're still there.

Eat Live Wear - I have written to them repeatedly, but they're still there. It's nice to know she likes my work so much, she's plagiarized great swaths of it.

The Root & the Vine - this one seems to be by the same person as Eat Live Wear, with big swaths of my work copied and pasted as well as hosting the charts.

There are - sadly - many many more, and I will be posting their names here as I encounter more since writing to them directly does nothing.

I can't believe I have to say this, but the materials you find on this blog and in my e-books are my work, and you do not have permission to copy them and sell them, use them in your classes, host them or post them on your website or blog or Facebook group. You can link to my work or quote sections of it, but you cannot use my formulas, write ups, charts, or other materials in your paid classes, online courses, blogs, and so on. (If you want permission, write to me.) You cannot share formulas or writing you find in my e-books or e-zines. You cannot share materials from my paid Patreon subscription.

Copying my work, using it to make money, or hosting my charts or PDFs aren't ways of showing me you like what I do - it's theft, and I call you out as a bugger who spoils things by being a taker. You are the reason things go behind paywalls, why people like me feel taken advantage of or get burned out offering things for free. You're trying to get credit and money for work you haven't done, and that's a scummy thing to do. 

I'm sure you know about the plagiarism by Marlene Daniels of Soapconscious earlier this year, but there's so much more theft of my work going on from a course being taught that has copied and pasted my work to blog writers who think they're disguising my formulas and/or writing but don't know enough to know how to alter them so they aren't identifiable.

I know you're doing this, as do so many readers who have written to me. I ignored it for a while as I didn't have the energy to fight back with the hell I've been through in the last year. You don't know me well enough to know how true this is: My mom said the only thing more dangerous than an angry Susan is an angry Susan who knows she's right, and I'm done waiting for you to give me credit, pay me, or take down my material.

Okay, it's safe to come out now... :-)


Sandy Zuccarello said...

Can we still buy the pdf on your website?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Sandy! I don't know what I'm going to do yet. I need to stop being angry first.

Ash Sarsakht said...

Hi Susan, I am very sorry to hear that, but I do understand how you feel, if you use someone works, the least you can and legally must do is to cite them.

Sarah Diamond said...

Stupid stupid buggers! :*(

I think you should sell your charts here or from the vendors you mentioned! All of your work is copyrighted, and belongs to you alone, to decide what to do with it. The least we can do is recompense you or give to your charitable organization.

I'm looking forward to the extracts chart and would gladly purchase it.

EDEN said...

Hi susan! I admire your work and have used your charts a LOT, I'm a 10$ pattern too :) :) such a disappointment, but you are 100% right, it's maddening..
However- speaking of using your blog- I just wanted to let you know- I live in the far Israel and found out that an Israeli website of a women who sells crafting supplies (surfactants, emulsifiers and so on- something like lotion crafter but much smaller) uses your website and just COPIES everything you write to Hebrew and puts it on HER website, which she profits from of course. For instance, on a listing of HPMC- it's exactly the same words from your post about HPMC- just translated. That's the case too on a listing in her site of Glycol Distearate- which is actually PEG-150 Distearate, which took me time to realize she listed the material with the wrong name. I found all that out when I first discovered your blog and your words were suddenly familiar to me. And just for the record- she is a sneaky unreliable person as she sold me Disodium Laureate Sulfosuccinate- and the stuff I got is a gooey mess that is not even water soluble. HOW FOR THE LOVE OF GOD could a surfactant not be water soluble?!?!
how could Wheat Protein not be water soluble??!! And she sales things in outrageously fuc*ing expensive prices. Never answers her phone and always says on email she will get back to me on monday- which she never did.
That is her website: --- If you need help in finding all the stuff she has copied from you- I will gladly help you, this women is literally a scoundrel.

Li Xua said...

Have you considered watermarking them with the blog's URL?

Lola Goodman said...

I appreciate how you feel. As a writer and researcher,(psychology). I am very protective of my feels personal something we create.Blessings

Maria said...

Hi Susan:

Enough is enough!! You did the right thing. I don't think that people are able to use common sense anymore. Your work is yours and yes you should protect it. Your hardwork should not be just used without credit or permission.
In my opinion, Facebook is the devil. (Again, my opinion) It seems to be filled with people that will do anything to advance themselves and worse they don't care about the damage that they do. Anyways, sorry, I'm going off, but we (that love your work) support you.
I've been trying to become a Patreon, but I can't get the program to open. Is there another way. I will gladly pay monthly.

Maria Jenkins

Andrea Giordano said...

You Go Girl. I love everything you write and give your link many times as reference. Thank you for all your GREAT work.

Cecile said...

Very sorry about how rotten people are! I'm a recent reader, and a real fan. Thank you for all the work you have done, and your kindness in sharing things with all of us Monkey wanna-be types!


Sabrina K. said...

I believe I remember you saying that us, counsellors, are the worst at taking our own advice. In that particular case, I would have focused on identifying what you can control, once your wonderful work is on the internet. I am guessing that you would have said that the power you actually have is not to make it available. You did well by removing the charts. Your work is valuable and you seem to me like one of a kind, taking joy in sharing. Unfortunately, not everyone share the same work ethics. It is so disappointing but you do what you have to do, understandably. Take care and be well.

Sarah said...

I hate that you have had to take this step, and that the "buggers" out there have caused you such distress and ruined things for others.

Jayme said...

I never understood why people feel the need to do stuff like that, especially when it is something free, and it is incredibly easy to just share a link to the web page.

I do not know if this is also an option, but you could at least for things on your website that are uploaded as images make it so that you do not allow downloads or third party linking.

M M said...

Hello Susan! You are right to be angry but try to look at it from a different perspective. When you unleash a good content on the net there's no why to control 100% his destiny. Don't let those parasites limit your creativity and your blog. Moreover there's always a way to retrieve old internet content like Google cache or web archive,so removing content from your blog will not stop thieves,will only make it less interesting and your big work does not deserve this! The more your material is stolen the more your work is valuable.
If anyone of us will leave a note like 'does Susan know you are using her work for your interest?' on those ugly web pages it will poor shame on them.

mary tartaglia said...

Susan, I'm so sorry for the frustration you must feel and for all of us, your faithful followers. Honestly it happens to many who put themselves in the public eye, artist, scientist, educators, etc. Unfortunately there is a small percentage of the population that doesn't seem to have a conscience. So do what you feel you need to do, and what you can live with. On the other hand we, your addicted admirers, will stand by you whatever you do. I do hope you will keep your research, charts, books, experiments, available at a fee or whatever is best for you. If you provide a list of sites that are copying your work your followers will happily comment on their sites as MM suggested, and shame them into stopping and expose them. I'm up for that. This may be a way to fight back.

Clever Crafter said...

That is absolutely awful! I am so sorry that happened to you. And while removing the content from your blog may not permanently remove it, it shows you taking a stand against plagiarism, incompetence, and lack of respect. I just started a blog yesterday actually and I can imagine how violating it must feel for others to take your hard work and act all high and mighty about it. I will definitely keep a lookout and call people out with no problem! Thank you for what you do for us. And thank you for being so transparent and showing people your human side. Whether it is positive or negative. It is what makes your blog so special and no one can steal that from you!

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Ana <3

Clever Crafter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
martacat said...

Yeah! Name names! Perhaps all of your content will become available only by purchase in the future. Those scallywags expect to be paid for their work. I'll purchase your three newest charts. So sorry that I can't assuage your anger. Petting your little dog might help.

QueenBee said...

Good for you Susan
These scumbags shouldn't get off scott free.
I'm so sorry you have been so badly treated by them. I have bought a couple of your Ebooks (as well as being an avid follower of your blog) and realise how much hard work goes into what you do. They are brilliant.

If I knew how to spam and block these websites I would!

Good luck in the future- may you make a fortune!

Janet McNaughton said...

Susan, I write books so this is something I have to deal with all the time. When people are using your content without permission, you can file a DMCA take down request with the server if the site is based in the USA.
Here's some info:
A legitimate server will disable the content. This is fairly quick and easy and the blogger will realize there are consequences. Look for a DMCA link on the server's page.
Also, it's time consuming but, if you file a DMCA with Google, they will disable the search link. You have my email if you want more info about this.
We live in a society where people expect everything to be free. As a result, incomes of creative freelancers are going down steadily. Stand up for your rights, sweetie. I bought charts from you and I was happy to.

J said...

Susan, I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Your blog is part of the reason I ventured into B&B products from candle-making. The amount of information you share is very generous and I have learned so much. Not just making the products, but the chemistry behind it. I think I have bought all your e-books and I reference your charts regularly.

I appreciate all your hard work with this blog. You do what you have to do, we understand. Thank you.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Wow, Krista, are you serious? Every historian who wasn’t present at said event and gathered information from writings of that time is a hypocrite for wanting credit for the work they did researching and writing their account? Every translator of material didn’t work to make that information available to a new audience? Every single term paper you’ve slaved over for days shouldn’t have your name on it because you didn’t actually go to Australia and study the insect about which you’ve written? The Cochrane Review must be staffed by hypocrites, based on your comment.

This may be the silliest comment I’ve read on this blog in eight years.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Krista! You should check out my Facebook page for the blog to see what people think of your comment.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Your arrogance is astonishing. If you’re proud of what you’ve written here, then why not see what others think of it? You’re making me read your opinion of me. Why not see what people think of you?
Point of interest: You’re using the word “defensive” wrong.
You hide behind anonymity to accuse me of plagiarism? I know what copyrights are attached to the work I use. Why does this concern you so much?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Krista, after giving this some thought, I’ve deleted your comments. Why? Because you aren’t contributing anything to this discussion except negativity. I’m open to the idea I may be wrong about something and I welcome feedback so I can make changes, but nothing you’ve said here is anything other than arrogance and condescension, neither of which are welcome around here.

QueenBee said...

Who the heck is this woman Krista?? Go away and be annoying somewhere else, you are rude for the sake of it as well as ignorant.

Ally H. said...

I'm sorry I missed "Krista's" comments--I've been feeling a tad disputatious lately and would have loved to debate--respectfully, of course! You know...people are perplexing...disappointing. I mean, here's a positive space--a blog where we all LEARN FOR FREE--and someone can attempt to taint the waters with ignorance and mean-spirited behavior. I have seen rudeness in other spots on your blog as well and I guess I just don't understand. If we don't agree, there's certainly no need or purpose for nastiness. I wonder at those who attempt to mar what is lovely with bad attitudes, and really, for no good reason. I'm sorry that you have to put up with people that have poor attitudes and intentions Susan. You don't deserve it :-(

J Brown said...

Happy to pay for your charts. You spent a lot of time compiling them and should be compensated. Please let me know if you decide to make the pdf available for download. Thank you!