Thursday, September 7, 2017

Update on comments...

I'm working my way through the comments. I think I'm up to September 1st - woo! - so please bear with me as it takes quite some time to answer what you've asked in a thoughtful way. As you can see, one question can lead to a post, and I find myself re-visiting old posts and re-researching some of the information to share more with you.

Could you please please please find a suitable post in which you ask your question? Asking about a preservative in a post about conditioners means no one will see what you've written except you, which means I'm doing a lot of work that no one will see again. If you want to ask a question about liquid Germall Plus, please do a search and put it in a post about liquid Germall Plus. I know this seems like a bit more work than choosing the latest post, but it really will help out other readers and make it easier for me to answer you.

And can you come back and respond to my comments if I've responded to yours? I know I'm a few months overdue, but there are some to which I've responded a few minutes later, and I never hear anything again. This is especially frustrating if I've spent time helping you out and...nothing. It takes a lot of time to respond to comments - which is one of the reasons I get backlogged like this - and it's all pointless if you don't see it. There's the ability to get notifications to comments on the thread, so you'll see my responses if turn that on.

I'm always happy to see your comments, reports on formulas, and more, so please keep them coming! It's unfortunate that I have to have the older posts monitored for spam, and that problem is only getting worse, but know that I do read and post everything you write (providing it's not spam or really mean to me).

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