Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy National Coffee Day! Celebrate with coffee butter!

I admit it: I don't like coffee. My parents were very British, and we were a family of tea drinkers, so I didn't get much exposure to coffee until my first day of university when I was surrounded by at least 300 people all sipping their morning brew, the smell of which was completely overwhelming.

But I'm starting to fall in love with this ingredient...

When I was at Windy Point Soap in Calgary last week, I had a chance to play more with this ingredient - INCI: Hydrogenated soy oil (and) Coffee arabica seed oil (and) Tocopherol - and I'm really enjoying working with it! Out of the jar it has a very rich coffee fragrance thanks to the coffee seed oil. It feels slightly silky and almost dry when used neat on the skin, and it's a great addition to a lotion or body butter thanks to this quality.

This isn't a butter in the sense that cocoa butter or mango butter would be - it's a butter created by hydrogenating soy bean oil to make it thicker. When an oil is hydrogenated, it's saturated, meaning there are no double bonds, only single ones. Single bonded fatty acids lay down flat, so they can pack more closely together, and they can create a thicker product like butter. (This is why we see hydrogenated vegetable oils in things like margarine.)

So the fatty acids we see most in soy bean oil - oleic acid, with one double bond and linoleic acid, with two double bonds - are hydrogenated by adding an oxygen, making them straighter, like stearic acid, so they become thicker and have a longer shelf life.

Check out this post for more information on this process! 

This hydrogenation means we can have butters like green tea butter, avocado butter, or coffee butter, ingredients that would normally be quite liquid.

As an aside, we can use Lipidthix™to make some butters at home. (This ingredient has an INCI of hydrogenated vegetable oil.) Check out part one here, then part two here

How can we use coffee butter? You can use it as you would any other butter in anhydrous products like whipped butters or emulsified products like lotions, body butters, or creams. It's great in an emulsified scrub in the shower, too.

I don't recommend it as the only butter in something like a lotion bar as it's a little on the softer side, and it doesn't offer the structure to a solid product that we really want. You could use it as the liquid part of a lotion bar, though, and it would smell amazing.

Should we take a few days to look at this interesting and fragrant oil? Let's start tomorrow with a whipped butter!

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Check out this coffee butter over at Windy Point Soap!

Please note, I'm not receiving any kind of compensation by sharing this ingredient with you. I'm sharing it as I absolutely love Windy Point Soap and had the joy of staying with Michele & Keith for almost a week while I taught classes there. This is not an ad or sponsored content. Just wanted you to know that! 

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lilscrappers said...

Okay, I ended up with a rosehip butter in my newdirections order and wondered how to use it. I should be able to follow along with you and play :) How timely! I want the coffee version now, sigh :o!