Monday, September 4, 2017

For my Patreon subscribers - the duplicated posts have a home here now!

To all my lovely Patreon subscribers: To make finding things easier, for the duplicating posts, I've put together a permanent page that'll be linked to the right hand side of the blog. Click here to see it! It's ever so exciting! I honestly didn't realize how many duplications I've done so far!

Please note, everyone is welcome to click through to see the list of duplications we've done so far, but you can't see the duplications unless you're a $1 or up subscriber. It'll take you to Patreon, but the post will be blurry. I've chosen to add this to the links to lists section of the blog as we can't search Patreon and it is grumpy when it comes to pinning posts or trying to find something from even a month ago.

Thank you to every reader of this blog and Patreon for your wonderful support!

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