Monday, July 17, 2017

Here's a post about suppliers from which I've bought interesting and unusual things...

I've been on a bit of a buying binge lately as I have quite a lot of time to formulate in the next few weeks. I thought I'd share with you a few interesting things I found at different suppliers...

If you're looking for sodium coco sulfate to make jelly soap, check out Windy Point in Calgary, Alberta!

I'll be sharing my experiences making these wiggly syndet bars as well as bubble bars in the near future. We're having way too much fun making them! 

I know it's in French, but remember that the INCI name is your friend in this case (as is Google Translate). At Les Ames Fleurs in Quebec, I found...

Sucragel AOF* - I write about this cold emulsifier in this post.

Babassuamidopropyl betaine* - A surfactant like cocamidopropyl betaine but made with babassu oil. (I'll have a post up about my experiences with this one shortly...)

Sodium cocoyl glutamate - A very gentle surfactant used in all kinds of foamy, lathery, bubbly products. I used it in a lovely foaming hand wash and body wash, which you'll see shortly.

Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate* - Another gentle surfactant you can use in all kinds of way. Again, you'll see more about this shortly.

Lauryl glucoside* - One of the only ingredients I've found to thicken decyl glucoside. It's this thick paste in a jar!

At Creations from Eden in Edmonton, I found conditioner concentrate, also known as Incroquat CR. I use this in conditioners as it softens hair and reduces static. In my conditioner bars, I use it at 30% in place of Incroquat BTMS-50 as it's cheaper and offers those lovely qualities I just mentioned. I like it at 2% in my leave in conditioners for the same reasons.

At Candora Soap in Ontario, I found cupuacu butter,* which I've ordered to do some Lush duplications and everything else I can do with it!

Please note, this is not an ad or a sponsored post and these aren't affiliate links. I receive nothing from no one if you click through or buy something. Heck, these companies don't even know I've written about them! 

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