Friday, February 10, 2017

New Facebook page for this blog

I wanted to let you know about the new Facebook page for the blog, which you can find under swiftcraftymonkey! I'll post there when I've written a new post here, when I've put out a new e-zine, when I have new classes coming up, when I find an interesting article or picture elsewhere, and more. I'm also on Twitter as @SwiftCraftyM

I admit I'm not great on social media as I tend to be more about the writing than the pictures, but I am trying! It's the wave of the future and all that stuff...

Please visit the Facebook page above rather than friending me or messaging me on my personal page. I definitely won't be answering any personal messages through my personal profile and the Facebook page any more as it's just too much work on top of writing the blog, answering e-mail, or writing on Patreon. Feel free to post on the Facebook page and I'll do my best to answer it, but my focus is always on the comments on this blog and the Patreon feed

I couldn't think of a picture relating to social media, so I put a picture of baby Sasja playing in her tubes. There's something about this picture that reminds me of the end of the theme song for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, season 2, when she sings "BLAM!" I know, weird, right? 

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Baby Kat said...

Wonderful! I Liked it just now! :)