Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quick link about snail ick in cosmetics

I had to share this link to Dr Joe Schwarcz's column on snail secretions in cosmetics as I'm seeing a lot about these products lately. My thoughts? Ewwww, really???


herezy said...

Lol, yes, really! It's great. It's true there is no solid research on its benefits. Which is why I wouldn't recommend someone pay a lot for a snail mucin product. Plus they are tons of very affordable options if one is willing to look at South Korean beauty products and buy online. But I find it has great soothing effect, and just makes my skin overall more radiant.

Kelli Spears said...

Great link Susan!! I love it when you post these great informational finds for all of us out here who may never have come across them otherwise. You always go above and beyond and I know a great many of us (your readers) are incredibly thankful for all that you do. As far as snail slime........I'm gonna skip on that!! LOL!