Sunday, August 28, 2016

My second e-zine is available to Patreon subscribers today; my first e-zine is available to my blog readers today

If you subscribe as a Patreon of my blog at $10 for the month, you receive access to the Patreon feed, which includes information and recipes on duplicating products, as well as the monthly e-zine.

I have to note that your subscription doesn't start until the day the money comes from your account, which is the 1st of the month. So if you subscribe today, you aren't a subscriber until September 1st when you'd be charged for it. You would get access to some of the Patreon feed - like the Q&A section and some of the duplicating products section - while you're waiting to pay, but you wouldn't get the e-book until after the 1st of the month. Meaning, if you subscribe now, you won't get the gels e-zine. You'll get next month's e-zine, which is all about bubble baths, body wash, and bath bombs!

Subscribers for August will receive the e-zine on gels - carbomers, Sepinov EMT 10, and Sepimax ZEN - in toners, spot treatments, facial sera, eye gels, body washes, and more. It weighs in at 34 pages of recipes and information!

If you missed the Gels: Ooey Gooey Fun! e-zine as a subscriber this month,  you can get it a month after it's offered to subscribers, so look for this one in October!

Click here to see the e-zine and e-book section of the blog. The summer products e-zine is on sale now! (Click here to see the write up for it from last month!)

Please note: All the money raised by the sales of e-zines and subscriptions through Patreon go to me and my family. The funds raised through the e-books continue to go to our youth programs, Rated T for Teen. 

If you wish to subscribe to the blog for September through Patreon, you have to be subscribed by September 1st! (If you subscribe after that date, you'll be subscribing for October 1st.)

And a message to everyone who reads this blog: Thank you so much for supporting the blog and us through this pretty tough time in our lives. I really appreciate all your lovely sentiments, prayers, and good wishes! I really am blessed, eh?


tom sawyer said...

hi, I wonder if you would consider writing a short post on Ucuuba Butter? I ended up buying some recently, mostly out of curiosity, and now I'm desperately trying to find out more about it. Except that there's next to nothing available on the web, apart from the vendors description.

Thank you for so many amazing posts!!

Samantha Miller said...

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