Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Emulsifiers: Emulthix - a cold process lotion recipe

Yesterday, we said "hello!" to Emulthix, a cold process emulsifier that can handle quite high levels of oils.

I thought I'd try making a basic lotion with only one oil - pumpkin seed oil, one of my favourites - and see what I thought of the viscosity!

20% pumpkin seed oil
5% Emulthix

0.5% liquid Germall Plus
74.5% distilled water

Weigh your oil phase into a larger container, as the water will be poured into the oil. Heat the oil phase if you need to get some things melted (but we don't, in this case). Prepare your water phase. Pour the water phase into the oil phase in a slow stream while mixing with a stick or immersion blender. And you're done! Rejoice!

As an aside, it's insane how quickly you can make a product with cold emulsifiers!!!

So what do I think? This is a nice feeling lotion. It's thin, which is to be expected when we have 75% water and no thickeners or butters, but still feels luxurious on my skin. It feels like a much thicker product on my skin. (When I compare it to Aristoflex AVC, another cold emulsifier, it's a thicker product.)

By now, you know I have to play with something new, so join me tomorrow to see what else we can make with this new, cold process emulsifier!

And to answer the question, this is a proprietary blend from Lotioncrafter. Click through to see a few more recipes for an anti-aging moisturizer for aging skin and a CoQ-10 moisturizer with peptides.

As a note, I wanted to note that I do get free things from time to time from suppliers, and this emulsifier, Emulthix, was given to me by Jen of Lotioncrafter. None of the links you click to her site are affiliate links - I just learned what those were and thought I should re-assure you, my lovely readers, that I make no money or gain no reward if you buy something from any supplier anywhere. 

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Dianne Bowler said...

I went down the rabbit hole and clicked through to Lotioncrafter checking out their recipes for mature skin and came across their Caprabella Goat Milk Cream. I love Goat's Milk in my products so couldn't resist giving it go (with some modifications because I didn't have everything they listed). I haven't used Polawax before so that was good and I used Fractionated Coconut Oil and all the rest was Macadamia because I had it. I used Liquid Germall Plus for my preservative and swapped out the Silk Amino Acids for Silk Peptides that I have been trying to use up but other than that I followed the recipe. I thought, at first, that it wasn't going to emulsify; it was quite thin. I let it cool and then it all just came together after the cool down ingredients were added and blended for the final time. Now I have this luscious cream in a pump bottle on my bathroom counter. It's a little drier on my skin than I thought it would be but very nice. Look out winter dry skin body!