Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer's almost here - don't make your own sunscreen, please

The strawberries are out and the raspberries are ready early. It's almost summer, and I thought I'd offer you a few thoughts about summer products!

Please please please please please don't make your own sunscreen. I say this every year, and I'll continue to say it this year. You simply can't be sure that what you've made works, and if it fails, you risk sunburn and possible future skin cancers. It's not as easy as adding some titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to a lotion and calling it a sunscreen. There are tons of variables required to make a sunscreen, then test if it works. That's why it's classified as a drug in Canada. If you'd like to know more about why I am begging you not to do this, check out these links...

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Here's a post on adapting your products for summer. You might want to make them feel lighter, add more humectants, or make them more sprayable! Check out the post for more ideas.

I'll be going into my air conditioned cave for the next three months for my sumner hibernation as I hate this weather so much. Anyone living in Greenland or somewhere equally chilly feel like hosting me, my husband, and my adorable dog until September? I'll teach you how to make lotions and all kinds of fun things!


Bob & Angela said...

Thank you for saying this, Susan.

Sunscreens are drugs in the USA, too, and they are extensively tested for safety and efficacy before they go on the market. Hundreds of hours of work by a team of trained professionals (and many tens of thousands of dollars worth of testing) goes into each sunscreen formula you see on the store shelf.

A home crafter assuming that they can achieve the same effect for themselves (or much worse, for their children) with a few minutes of work stirring some Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide powder into a lotion is doing something very dangerous.

Also, regardless of what anyone says on the internet, natural oils/butters have ZERO SPF.

Kimberley Scanlan said...

How about Tasmania? ;D Currently snuggled up with an electric blanket.

CC Mirabella said...

I'm the exact same way about the heat...I can not function. I swear daggers come out when it snows in April and everyone is swearing to move out of NY...If I say "I love this!" Feels so good...every year I get worse and worse.
Hiding out in the air til October :/

Ann said...

Oh boy, can I relate to your feelings on the summer. I hate the heat also. Pinterest isn't a good place to get formulas from, either.....

Maggie Mahboubian said...

Imagine living in LA! I love cold/cool weather, clouds and precipitation...none of which will be in our forecast until October/November.

I JUST posted about this on my blog. Despite extensive testing, sunscreen is not foolproof and we can't always take comfort in the SPF listed on the bottle (there are just too many variables). More research needs to be done on how our skin works, especially our microbiome, thus re-examining our relationship to the sun.

LS said...

Thanks for doing this! I'm really thrilled that I can give back to you after all you've done for me and others who make their own cosmetics. I hope this is the start of something really grand for you!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Bob & Angela! Thank you for sharing your experiences. I get so frustrated by people who should know better counselling on how to make a sunscreen!

Hi Kimberley! That sounds lovely! I don't know much about Tawmania other than it's on the other side of the world from me, it's almost winter there now, and you have a really famous museum there. I didn't know Errol Flynn was from Tasmania. (I just spent a while looking at the Wikipedia site about your island. It looks lovely!) I'm in! When can I come? :-)

I feel for all of us colder weather people! It's cooler at home today, but I know we're in for a summer of hell!

LS said...

Oops! I put my comment on the wrong post. I was referencing the new ability to subscribe/donate. I think it's great, and I'm really glad we can do this for you.


torchstar said...

Wow! It is so rare to find a fellow cave dweller who abhors the summer months as much as I do. Daylight savings time depresses the heck out of me. I love short days and long nights, cool weather, fog, rain and all that other winter stuff. Plus the U.V. index is much friendlier.
This blog is so informative. I appreciate the focus on the science behind the formulation process. Thank you for taking the time to share! My curious nature wondered if my scrumptious DIY lotions could become sunscreen for the summer - I now see it as experimenting at the risk of getting sunburned. Bad idea!

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