Sunday, May 8, 2016

Thank you for your patience!

It's been a long few months around here filled with more changes than I account for in one short post. (I will fill you in on all the details soon, I promise!) 

I'm sorry I haven't been able to get to your messages and comments in a timely fashion, and I beg for a bit more of your patience as I try to figure out how to manage my work-life-youth group-blog balance, time, and energy levels. 

Thank you for all your kind thoughts! My back is feeling much better - yay to epidurals and weekly massage therapy - but I woke up today with a horrible cold that has stolen away my voice! 

In the meantime, I encourage you to continue to comment - there are no old ones! - and send me messages. Your input gives me so many ideas for recipes and posts! I really am working on quite a few things that you'll see soon! 


Maria said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

I made a shampoo recipe a couple of times using SCI, DLS and betaine. I tried to thicken it with carbomer 940--I chose this over crothix because I didn't want the guar conditioner to precipitate to the bottom. Problem: The shampoo doesn't thicken. As soon as I add the carbomer/guar mix after hydration to the shampoo mix, I lose all thickening. I'm guessing that carbomer doesn't play with SCI because I've made a similar recipe using sulfoacetate (SLSA) in place of the SCI and the thickening holds just fine.

I've searched the blog and found a few posts on carbomer, but nothing with SCI. Perhaps there is a reason for that!

Also--does adding glycerin to shampoo add any shine? I used it in two of my last batches and my hair seems shinier. But it could be SCI allows the dimethicone to "shine through!"

Take care of yourself!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

HI Maria! Thank you for your kind thoughts. I am feeling better every day! Yay!

You have to get a carbomer that can handle all the salt in the surfactant, and it sounds like 940 isn't the right carbomer for this product. I have never used a carbomer with SCI as I find it thickens too well!

No, glycerin will offer hydrating properties, though, which could make your hair seem healthier? SCI is also a great surfactant as it won't strip your hair of oils and offers an "elegant" lather and foam.

Maria said...

Thanks Susan! I LOVE the SCI. I'm using it in a lot of things these days--great feel, great lather and not too expensive.

It could be that I have too much water in the formula. I'm going to take another look at that. It thickened fine with the SLSA at the current water percentages, but every dang ingredient has its own rules.

Question: Does the carbomer add any conditioning properties? The only reason I don't just use crothix (which I think does have some conditioning properties) is the guar conditioner. Without the carbomer, I think the guar will just settle to the bottom. When I did the recipe without the guar and used crothix, I thought it lacked some of the conditioning power (although I only use the guar at .25 percent so it isn't as though there is a lot of it in there anyway--and that was before I used glycerin so...)

Glad you're feeling better. Make sure you are eating right!!

Maria said...

Hmm. In studying the recipe some more: The SCI I have does not have stearic acid in it. I wonder if I added some of that, instead of the carbomer/guar combo if it would retain better conditioning properties (along with glycerin and hydrolized wheat and dimethicone to help everything along). Maybe I'll try that next recipe with the crothix to thicken and see how that works out!