Monday, May 16, 2016

A quick post about Leucidal liquid

I can no longer in good conscience recommend Leucidal liquid as a preservative. It is failing challenge testing all over the place, and it appears from this study that the only preserving power it has is thanks to the preservatives put into it. (Please read this study to see more about this...)

I am sure some of you out there are using it and finding that your products aren't going bad. I'm sure there are companies in the same position. But considering how many people are having problems with it - including huge companies like Badger - and considering all the things that could inactivate it - for instance, not getting the pH in just the right range  - I do not feel comfortable in suggesting this for anyone who is making products at home.

If you want to use Leucidal, then have at it. In the end, all I can do is suggest that you do your own reading. I definitely recommend you ddd something to it to make it a broad spectrum preservative, like potassium sorbate. Please remember that my goal here is to offer the best evidence based information I can, and right now, the evidence I'm seeing, hearing, and reading for this one isn't good.

References for further reading:

Making Skincare - do a quick "find" on the page or just scroll down to read more.

Identification of Didecyldimethylammonium Salts and Salicylic Acid as Antimicrobial Compounds in Commercial Fermented Radish Kimchi

Badger sunscreen recall

Anne-Marie of Soap Queen's comment. (Do a find for "Leucidal" to find her comments)


Maggie Mahboubian said...

This is such good timing as I have been planning to review my formulas and was considering Leucidal Liquid as an alternative to the gluconolactone/sodium benzoate combo I've been using. I had not yet started my research, but this post will greatly influence my direction! Thank you!!!

linda said...

hi susan. thanks for responding to my question about Leucidal Liquid on another post. i am still wondering if you have any thoughts on their more recent product Leucidal Liquid SF and their Amticide Coconut which can be used together. the Leucidal Liquid SF does not contain the salicylic acid that probably caused the preservation that was shown in the study you posted, but i don't know yet if it contains the salts mentioned in that study that probably also caused preservation. i think if Leucidal Liquid SF is combined with something to take care of the fungi problem like their Amticide Coconut or potassium sorbate it just might be a good, more natural preservative. as you can see some of us are really wanting a more natural preservative even if it is a fussier product. personally, i'm only looking for something for my own use so wouldn't be challenge testing products but i am going to get that microbial test kit from lotioncrafter to test out some of my homemade products and figure out what to use for preservation as i definitely want to be safe.

Ginrei said...

Linda, did you read the second link, the scientific article? "...Moreover, these two compounds [salicylic and salts] are too deficient in 14C to be the product of recent fermentation, suggesting that they are derived from petroleum feedstock." It's processed petroleum, I wouldn't really call that more "natural" than other preservatives.

Susan! Thank you for this link. I've always wondered about the science behind all this radish ferment stuff.... it just sounded suspicious, and with so many people having trouble I was really wondering how effective it was.

Formulator Sample said...

Hi Susan

I hope you are well. I hope Durant Scholz addressed your concerns with this.
If anyone needs any information, please contact me directly and I can help you.
This is inaccurate information on Leucidal Liquid

Thank you,
Maggie Ghanem

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Maggie! I have communicated with Durant Scholz, but I don't feel like the concerns have been addressed with scientific sources or references yet. (We were supposed to speak on Monday, but he didn't call.)

I use a lot of your ingredients and I haven't had any concerns about the ingredients preserved with Leucidal preservative at all. Having said that, you're preparing those ingredients in a very clean space using good manufacturing practices. As I said to Durant, homecrafters don't have the lovely clean spaces that you have at a company. (I've been to a lab recently and it was super clean!) I think this leads to some of the problems we're seeing with Leucidal. Also, people aren't combining it with another preservative to create a broad spectrum preservative, so that's another issue. These factors, combined with what i wrote in the post, is why I can't recommend it.

As usual, I'm always open to evidence to the contrary and will receive it happily! I have no problem with being wrong or changing my opinion when I get more information. If you or Durant have anything you'd like to send me, you can always reach me at

Susan said...

Hi Susan,
Great timing on this article, thank you!
I am making an eye serum with HA, from a link to Lotioncrafters that you suggested. The link to the recipe that you said you used did not work, but lotioncrafters link does and the recipe seems pretty simple. However, it calls for Leucidal Liquid, which I don't have and considering the issues with it of late, I don't think I will be purchasing it. What alternative preservative in the HA eye serum could you suggest? I have Liquid Germall Plus, Optiphen Plus (which I am phasing out), Phenonip, and Gluconolactone Sodium Benzoate. I am thinking either Phenonip or Germall Plus would be the best alternative?

Thanks, Susan :)

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Susan! I just found the link was broken as I made a serum today. I used 0.5% liquid Germall plus and upped the water by 1.5%.

Susan said...

Thank you! I hydrated a small 1% solution to add to my facial cream recipe and its quite nice! I am going to try the serum with liquid Germall plus and Panthenol to use as a layer underneath moisturizer for an added boost - We are quite dry here in Calgary and my skin feels like parchment if I don't feed it!
Thanks again, Susan

Dom Reidman said...

Most people I have spoken with who use natural systems use on average 4 natural preservatives. Even if that test was accurate it should have little bearing as everyone knows Leucidal is not strong enough on it's own. Now if we have failed challenge test coming back from combo of natural preservatives then we have something to be concerned about.