Saturday, April 2, 2016

Weekend Wonderings: My classes at Voyageur! Heating and holding! Hanging out in my workshop!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I wanted to let those who were interested know about my upcoming classes at Voyageur Soap & Candle in Surrey, B.C.! I'm offering the lotion making class on Saturday, May 14th, the facial products class on Saturday, May 21st, and our new advanced lotion making class on June 4th. (For each of the classes, you'll receive the accompanying e-book!)

For the advanced class, it's designed for experienced lotion makers who understand the concept of emulsification, can read a recipe and convert to larger batches, can read a digital scale, and have made a few lotions before. We'll be making lotions with various emulsifiers - Polawax, Ritamulse SCG, and Incroquat BTMS-50 - and making modifications to them by adding and subtracting ingredients like fatty alcohols and acids, altering the ingredients to create a lighter or thicker lotion, altering ingredients to get a dry, silkier feeling lotion, and so on. By the end of this class, you'll know how to alter recipes to create your own unique lotions, creams, and moisturizers. So much stuff in six hours? Yep, I aim to overload your brain!

If you're interested in attending, but can't this time, please get on the waiting list and let them know you're interested in another class another time. This way we know which ones should be offered more often and those ones that we can offer less.

If you want to be alerted about classes, write to me at and get on the alert list!

As an aside, would there be any interest in a third level or master class? We'd design recipes from scratch, then make them. It would be a fairly intense class and you'd really need to know your stuff. If this sounds interesting to you, please e-mail me and let me know! 

In this post on Aristoflex AVC: A light lotion with NAG, ceramides, and quaternized rice,  Ash asks: I am making creams and lotions etc.. for about 2 years now. Since I got a chance to know you, I have always love reading your blogs and really learned so much from you, and I appreciate it greatly. I have one question, you always speak about heat and hold for 20 mins to kill all the possible bacteria, since we dont heat and hold with Aristoflex AVC, is it ok? how about bacteria, am I missing something ? 

Also, can I be your hands on student? :) I mean come and learn from you in your workshop, I am not even joking. 

To address your first question...I need a bit of time to get my resources ready for your question, but there is talk in the community that heating and holding may not be necessary for every single lotion, which is a concept I'm trying to process. I'm gathering the evidence for my argument, and will present it shortly, if I could ask for a week or so of your patience.

I've wondered about the idea of having people visit my workshop for one-on-one tutorials to learn more about making products. I must warn you, though, that my workshop isn't as awesome as it may first appear. It's a working workshop, by which I mean that my counters are always covered in the ingredients I've just used or want to use next. There's no heat in the winter and no cooling in the summer. There's room for two, but we would be bumping into each other regularly, so be careful with knives and scissors! It's my happy place, where I make things and listen to my favourite music and lose track of time!

I had one of the wonderful young women from my groups into my workshop to play with the pH meter. We put some lye in water, then tested it. We put some citric acid into the mix, and watched the pH decrease as we added more and more. Then we tried another project: Salicylic acid into ethanol. We put some lye into it, then more acid, then more lye, and more acid until we smelled a horrible smell that reminded us both of nail polish remover. We had created acetone! We drew a big skull and crossbones on that container, and walked away! 

Join me tomorrow for more Weekend Wonderings...

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