Monday, March 14, 2016

I'm off for the week!

It's been a long few weeks for me. You know that I've been struggling with really awful back pain since late August, and it's finally feeling a bit better thanks to these epidurals I've been getting! Yay! But my body couldn't possibly work properly, so I've been struggling with what seems like the stomach flu since last Sunday as well. 

I find it hard to look after myself, but my body is screaming "no" at me, and I need to listen to it for a change instead of hoping that voice goes away. I'm taking this week off to heal a little more before I dive into my normal routine of blog, work, youth programs, teaching, and so on. I want to spend some time with my family and friends who haven't seen me because I was either in pain or gross with blarges! I want to play a few video games - I've barely played Rock Band 4 since we bought it in November - and try for a workout or two at the gym. 

I'm still here, I'm just not posting this week. If you make a donation, you'll receive your e-book as quickly as I receive the notification from PayPal. If you e-mail me, it'll go into a folder where I'll answer it in the order in which it's received. If you comment, I'll see it, but probably won't answer it until next weekend. I love this blog so much. You inspire me, lovely readers. I love reading your comments and e-mails, and hearing all about your creations! I just need time to recharge some batteries that have worn down to the last 10%, and that means focusing inwards for a bit. Thank you for your all your amazing support, and thank you for your patience as I work to feel better. 

*This does mean that if you've emailed or posted in the last week, I also won't be answering them until next week as I didn't answer them this week. 


Lise M Andersen said...

Have a wonderful week Susan - you deserve it!

flowerpower said...
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flowerpower said...

I read your site often and have an abundance of admiration for what you do, Thank you for all the hard work you do and for all the info you provide to us. Get well soon.
Agatha Mantanes

Ash Sarsakht said...

Hi Susan, so sorry to hear about your back, I know it how you feel, I hope you get better soon and deserve a time off everything and recover. Thank you for all your work, I love you books, I love your blogs, you are my point of reference when I stock :)

Sam said...

Hey Susan,

Please don't feel bad about taking some time for yourself! We all need to recharge every once in a while.

Our questions are never as important as your physical health or emotional well-being. You're already putting in so much work into this blog - you deserve to give yourself some time off!

I hope you have a relaxing, enjoyable and pain-free (as much as possible) week :)


QueenBee said...

Hi Susan

I have been following you for a couple of years, and I'm amazed at how much you put into this blog and how knowledgeable you are- thank you so much your books are amazing!
I'm sorry you are unwell and unable to go to the conference in Niagara falls- they will be missing out big time! It's a shame they cannot pay you for all your expertise.If I could go to one of your classes I'd be there like a shot- but being in the uk...

So, rest, play, think, breathe and come back when you're well!

Warmest wishes


Danuta Kilar said...

Rest, and get well Susan:)

Pepper7 said...

Feel better and enjoy your week !

Sabrina K. said...

I absolutely love your blog!
I love the way you share the knowledge, using short but clear statements and most of all, I love that you are a true teacher, not one that uses humiliation.
I have been wanting to express my gratitude for your tremendous work here, please allow me to do so and send you good vibes in your healing process.
Get well :)

Megan Johnson said...

You gotta put yourself first sometimes! Be well, lady, and thanks for everything you do!

Ruth H said...

Hey Susan, I was just wondering have you ever heard of, or seen a chair, that is called a zero gravity chair?
My husband has back problems also, and is also going through the epidural shots right now..
He swears by his chair, he comes home from work and that's where he sits all evening .
I tried to post a picture here but it seems like either I don't know how, or can't, but you ought to check into it...
He has got them at different places but his favorite has been the one from Costco that they have right now, anyway that is here in California.
Take care,

Madeaj said...

I haven't commented in a while, but I hope you feel better. Back pain is so...horrible. I can't even describe how debilitating it is and I hope you can get some relief. Enjoy your family, friends and video games.

Madeaj the sea said...

Susan, I just sent you an email not knowing you are not feeling well. I hope you are feeling better and taking care of your back. I have 3 damaged cervical disks and I know how debilitating the pain fact my pain is what brought me into this wonderful world of creating skin care. I needed relief from my pain and started taking baths for pain relief which then led me to making Bath Bombs and from there, I am happily hooked on creating skin care products. This is the first time I am posting here and I am looking forward to interesting conversations and growing in the knowledge of skin care. Your blog is great. Feel better soon. Kimberly

Anna said...

Hi Susan,

Glad to hear you're taking some time out to look after yourself for a change. Health must come first. Absolutely must. We'd much rather miss you for a while than have you chugging along feeling poorly.

Get well soon and keep hitting the medicinal biscuits! ;)

Anna x

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Ruth! Those look awesome! I'm looking into one now!

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, Lise, Ash, Sam, flowerpower, Queen Bee, Danuta, Margie, Sabrina, Megan, Kimberly, and Anna!

Kimberly! I started crafting because of the pain, too! Years ago, I was off work and needed something to keep me sane, something to do to show I accomplished something other than lying on the couch, so I started sewing, knitting, crocheting, and so on.

Yeah, it's hard to look after myself because my instinct is to help others. But it's time for me to help myself and work on getting better. I'm already feeling pretty darned awesome, and I hope to start eating right and getting to the gym this week. I'm going part time at work shortly, and that will give me more time to look after myself, although it'll be challenging financially. But we'll make it work!

I'm writing something tomorrow that I hope will convey how much I appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much for thinking of me. You have no idea how much that means to me!

Kimberly said...

Susan - Good for you, making the commitment to take care of yourself. It has to be the #1 priority. I am a firm believer in eating healthy foods and exercise. I just started the gym Jan. 1, 3 x per week. I had to go slow, but I feel I am getting stronger everyday. OK, time to read your Fab book..... Take care

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan,
I am very glad that you are finally taking some time off to care for yourself. You give us all so much of yourself, I worry about what you are giving up to do that. And it will be good for your husband to not have to watch you suffering so much. I hope you can spend all your time off relaxing and not worrying about anything to do with work -- of any sort.

Take care,

Ruth H said...

The one from Costco is the Westfield outdoor.
As I said earlier my husband has had different ones of these type of chairs,
but this one is his favorite, he says it supports his back better...

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Myrna! Thanks so much for the kind words. I feel like I need permission to take time for myself, and that's a weird place to be. So I'm giving myself time to get better!

Hi Ruth! Awesome, thanks! We're looking at them now online, and we have a Costco close by!

Hi Kimberly! Just sent you an email about the preservative issue!