Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Emulsifiers: Sepiplus 400 - making an aqueous gel

As I mentioned yesterday, I introduced you to Sepiplus 400, an emulsifier that can make cold lotions and aqueous or alcoholic gels. Let's take a look at how we can make aqueous gels with it!

It's a super simple process!

96.5% distilled water
3% Sepiplus 400
0.5% liquid Germall plus

Weigh the distilled water and liquid Germall plus into a container. Weigh the Sepiplus 400 into a small shot glass container. Start up your mixing device, then pour the Sepiplus 400 into the container while mixing. Mix for a minute or so. Stop. You're done! Rejoice!

This is a very basic recipe, one intended for you to get a sense of what the emulsifier feels like on its own. You only need a tiny bit - a little goes a long way - but it doesn't really feel like there's anything on your skin after even a few minutes as the water evaporates. Why make it then? To get a sense of what your basic recipe will feel like, how well it spreads, how thick it is without any extra ingredients.

This gel is thick enough to need squishing out of a bottle! It's not some thin gel, oh no! It's a nice thick gel to which you could add some exfoliating ingredients, like jojoba beads, or a nice active ingredient that will do wonders for you skin!

Maybe we should try that tomorrow? Join me then for fun adding an active ingredient to this basic recipe!

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