Sunday, February 7, 2016

A few thoughts for a lovely Sunday at home...

Just a reminder that if you're interested in taking a class with me, I'm teaching at Voyageur Soap & Candle over the next four weeks. We had a great time with anhydrous products yesterday, and we have hair care, lotion making, and facial products still to come. I'm taking a break in April to go to the Soapmaker's conference in Niagara Falls - woo! - and may teach again in May.

If you are new to making products, I cannot stress enough how much you should visit the newbie section of the blog. I can promise you that almost all the questions you have about products - when you need to use a preservativehow much stuff to order when you're buying supplieshow to make an emulsified body butter, and more! - are answered there. I've tried to create a section filled with things that I wanted to know when I was starting out, and I'm always adding new posts as they come up. The frequently asked questions section of the blog is also a great place to visit to learn more about this lovely craft!

Just wanted to remind you that you cannot put a product that contains water into a metal container or you will get rust. The only products you can put into one of these lovely jars are anhydrous products, those that only contain oils. You cannot put something that might be exposed to water, like a sugar or salt scrub, in a metal container either.

If you change a recipe, it isn't going to be the same as the original recipe. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but it's something that comes up quite a lot. If you leave out the thickener, the product will be thinner. If you switch oils, it may feel more or less greasy. If you change emulsifiers, all kinds of things can happen, and the product might be thicker, thinner, more greasy, less greasy, more powdery or silky, and so on. Change recipes all you want - that's the whole reason for this blog, after all! - but be aware that a small change can make a difference.

I'm so excited that Windy Point (Alberta) is now carrying Lotionpro 165 and low fatty acid SCI granules! Click here to see my favourite body butter recipe using Lotionpro 165. I'm so excited we can get it in Canada!

Just a reminder that I don't write sponsored posts, and I am beholden to no one but myself and you, my lovely readers. When I suggest something, it's because I like that ingredient or company, not that I've been paid for it. 

So those people who are sending me messages every day suggesting sponsored posts, go away. I don't want to talk about your spa in Florida or overpriced lotions. And stop implying that it's okay to send me your PR garbage because I ended up on a list somewhere. In Canada, it's not okay to send spam, and I can report you for each incident. 

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terriblybadgrrl said...

Rushed to check out Windy Point, and can't wait to sample their "Monkey Farts" fragrance oil. :P
Gotta love em for coming up with such a masterpiece, and hilarity aside, it does sound delicious. And I adore monkeys and the word too.