Friday, December 18, 2015

What's your favourite thingie of the year?

What ingredient did you love the most this year? Did you try a new recipe and fall in love with it or discover a new product entirely? 

And what are you looking forward to in 2016? Have you set some goals for yourself? Any new products you want to make or ingredients you want to try?

I'll be sharing my favourite things of 2015 with you and my goals for 2016 shortly, but in the meantime, I'm excited to hear from you! 

Here's something new we made this year: Soy candles in tins! 


shivani kaithwar said...

I made many soaps this year,lotions,lip balms and a whipped body butter containing water,learned through your blog. plans for new year..just learn more and experiment more.

Unknown said...

My favorite thing is BTMS - I love this stuff - it thickens, emulsifies and feels really nice to the touch. As for 2016 I plan on perfecting my lotion and conditioner. Thank you so much for your giving, even when your back is hurting. Happy 2016.

Susan M. said...

I introduced some exotic oils to my collection this year and am really enjoying adding them to lotions and creams. I also made a lovely facial oil for use at night and loving it. I have also introduced some interesting powders and extracts such as silk, allantoin, caffeine, and panthenol. My experiments with Green Tea Extract have not been great. I have the powder form and I need to rethink how I am using it. I think I am using too high of a concentrate as it really changes the colour of my product and has an obvious odour. I have also been experimenting with conditioning honey (honeyquat), but can't seem to get past the fishy odour it leaves in my creams. I really wanted it to work, so have not given up on it yet. 2016 will be a year of more experimenting ... loving this hobby!!!

Baby Kat said...

I loved being able to accomplish a great conditioner and also having learnt enough to make my husband's and my own skin care products. For 2016, I want to make a good shampoo and also I want to try new and more complex formulas.

Kim Vermeiren said...

I revamped one of your emulsified scrub recipes. As my skin doesn't like being scrubbed very often.
It left me with something I call a shower lotion (fine in a bath to). It leaves my skin incredibly smooth, it's an all oil recipe so when you first put it on you think "thisis way to greasy!" But then you rinse it off and you're left with very smooth skin and you don't have to wait to put on your cloths in fear of oil stains.
For 2016 I'd like to try out shampoo bars. First encountered them through Lush, I like how you don't have to use any bottles which also makes it good for the environment. Something else I'd like to try are the bath bombs that leave a trail of color. And finally getting a bubble bar recipe that makes lots of bubbles which stay around for a good while and remain soft long enough to shape and color them as I wish.

Anonymous said...

I am still in love with the Gentle Face Exfoliant recipe you posted in 2011. I want everyone to try it!!
Beth D

Anonymous said...

My goals:
- at last achieve a clear, thick, nicely foaming and extremely gentle shower gel (So far there was always one elemeny missing)
- start on shampoos
- further perfect my vitamin fluid (face) and finally settle on my preferred oil blend and emulsifier blend
- experiment with hydrodispersion gels (oil in low dose dispersed in a gel without the use of an emulsifier)

To share my experience so far
- I usually combine a fast spreading ester oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride), with a small amount of a butter (shea for my mother, mango for me) and an 'active' oil such as borrage
- and add phytosterols such as unsaponifiables of avocado oil (avocadin) and gamma oryzanol (derived from rice bran oil)

Emulsifier combination:
- I start with an all in one emulsifier in the lowest possible dose (olivem 1000 for mature skin, montanov 202 for my mixed skin)
- To support the emulsion I add lysolecithin, xanthan, galactoarabian and one fatty alcohol (cetyl for mature skin, behenyl for mixed skin). All these in very low concentrations to achieve a nice skin feel without stickiness, waxiness or the risk of those little 'eraser thingies' when you rub your skin a littke too enthousiastically.

I find that combining three oils with different skin feels optimises the end result of the lotion, the same goes for emulsifiers. Of course it is easier to use a generous dose of an all in one emulsifier, but this tends to result in either to oily or to waxy skin feels (with the exception of btms which can be a bit too dry).

B from brussels, belgium

Krystal Elder said...

My favorite thingy this year is witch hazel! PUT IT IN EVERYTHING!

And.... Nanaimo bar ice cream. OMG yum.

Anonymous said...

My fave new ingredient this past year is Aristoflex! Fabulous and so astonishingly easy to use. My least fave thing is it idn't yet available to homecrafters.
I'm heather, working on my ipad, even tho it is posting as anon.

MK said...

I think hydrolized silk, is one of my favorite things.
I have a lot of products in my cabinet I purchased to try different things:
Facial products, hair stuff, etc. my short term goal is to figure what I can
Use these for and give it a try!
Hope your back is feeling better Susan, and Happy New Year to everyoneM

Jmc said...

I have been playing around with coco glucoside. It is easier for me too get than decyl glucoside... but I am not sure how different or similar they are.

Abby said...

This year (thanks to this site) I learned how to make a (emulsified) body butter and my own hair conditioner with BTMS-50. Both which I love very much. Since using my own hair conditioner my hair has become so much less frizzy! And I love how the body butter leaves this thin protective layer that doesn't come off until you step under the shower the next day.
I had a small flirtation with making an spf moisturizer (just for kicks and it'd only be worn indoors, I have proper spf 30-50 moisturizers for when I step outside), but I ended up looking like I'd plunged my face into a bucket of flour ;)

For 2016, I'm ready to experiment with emulsifiers other than BTMS-50, like montanov 68 and xyliance.
And my top products I want to try are:

- an upgraded version of my conditioner.
- the ultimate face cream (a la skinactives)
- face wash and a toner that compliments it

And I am sure I'll learn to make lots of other products as I've definitely been bitten by the bug:)