Friday, December 4, 2015

The search function is down!

The search box in the right hand column isn't working. I have no way to fix this as it's a Blogger thing. In the meantime, please try the search in the upper left hand corner of the blog, or check out the sections of the blog that contain links. (Trust me, it's messing me up too as that's how I find old posts!)

As I like to have photos in my posts, check out these melt & pour soaps we made in craft group two weeks ago! Your donations for the e-books go to support the programs my husband and I offer to the youth of Chilliwack. This is a small example of what we do there! 


Mickey said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for letting us know. You are absolutely correct!
Just so you and your readers know, if you do a simple Google search,
all your blog entries come up, so they can still be accessed that way.
Have a great weekend and hope your back is better!

Brian said...

If you want to search just this blog on google put behind your search term in google's search box and hit enter. The results you get will be from this blog only.

E.g. dimethicone