Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! We hope you're having a lovely day filled with food and chocolate and too much fun! I hope your handmade presents are appreciated by those who receive them, and you are surrounded by happiness and joy! 

Thank you to all who donated to our youth programs this year! Your generosity allowed us to offer 99 different programs for youth for the school year 2014 to 2015, and we'll be able to offer more this year because you've been even more generous! Thank you so much! 

And thank you to everyone who reads this blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your experiences, your successes, and your failures with me. Thank you for your patience with the lack of daily posts, and thank you for your good thoughts, suggestions for treatment, and balms for my horrible back pain. 

Merry Christmas! 


CC Mirabella said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family
Thank you for all you share

Alana said...

Merry Christmas! Could you write a post on FSS Sea Silt BioFerment?

B from Brussels, Belgium said...

Merry christmas Susan and thanks for giving me this incredible hobby!

Rosa Phillips said...

Merry Christmas! I enjoy every word that you post!

Kim said...

Merry Christmas! That is a very cool picture of you two. Thank you for all you do, as your blog is very much appreciated and launched a great and useful hobby for me.

farah said...

Merry Christmas and merrier to me for having stumbled upon your blog:)
Having a lil lost about occlusives and vegetable oils,let me summarize what I did for past weeks:
I washed my face wt n regular cleanser and only applied 3 drops of hempseed oil for 3 nights.My skin became parched and dehydrated like aged leather. I tried with pumpkin seed oil and jojoba,same result and ended up so tight and flakey. I had a cream made of glycerol and parrafin liquid (called dexeryl and it's prescribed by all the doctor to newborn and adults in France).Applied it 2 days and my skin regain immediate comfortness and supple.So what I did,apply pumpkin seed oil and this cream as occlusive.2 days later, my face filled with sort of folliculitis, I think it's due to over hydration and moist.I quit everything for a week and now back to old state and my skin is still dehydrated.I wonder if vegetable oils like hemp seed,pumpkin, rose hip are considered as occlusive? can they be used alone?Since oil repels water, we need water in our skin for hydration and sealed with occlusive for minimal TEWL? I have these vegetables oils with me and confused on which goes first and how to avoid dehydration caused by only vegetable oils.My skin is dehydrated with mild.breakouts and sensitive.Help me pls.

Dexeryl compo: water.glycerine.petrolatum.glyceryl stearate.peg.mineral oil.Stearate acid.cyclomethicone.dimethicone.lanolin alcohol.methylparaben.prophylparaben.triethatholamine
Overall: for 100g-glycerol 15gm,vaseline 8gm,paraffin liquid 2gm

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Farah. Can I suggest that you head on over to the skin chemistry section of the blog and read a few of the posts there?

What I'm hearing you say is this...When you use your cleanser and put this oil-and-water lotion on your skin, it feels good. When you use your cleanser and put the vegetable oil on your skin, it feels awful. The problem isn't that the vegetable oils are dehydrating your skin. I think the problem is that you have dehydrated or dry skin and the vegetable oils aren't providing the moisture the lotion is providing. Looking at that recipe, it's filled with things that will make your skin feel hydrated and moisturized. So why aren't you using this lotion? Why are you trying to use vegetable oils that clearly aren't working? What do you feel those oils will bring to your skin?

You have an occlusive ingredient in the lotion in the form of the dimethicone.