Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Designing your products as a line: Shampoo - panthenol and other humectants

Again, I admit I'm biased towards panthenol as it's such a great ingredient for our hair, but do we need it in a shampoo if we're including it in a conditioner?

What does it bring to our hair? It offers moisturizing without oils, it can swell the hair shaft in a good way to moisturize and make it thicker, it film forms and increases shine, and it makes our hair more pliable. All great things, right?

If you're using a conditioner with panthenol, do we need it in the shampoo? Probably not. The goal is to leave it on for about two minutes, and we don't generally do that with a shampoo. Save it for your conditioner or leave in conditioner.

What about other humectants like glycerin? Glycerin is a great way of moisturizing your hair and scalp without using oils. It thickens the product and increases bubbles and lather. It's a great moisturizer for your scalp and will resist rinse off. I'd include it at up to 5% for those of us not worried about frizz. It's a great inclusion for all hair types, especially those with dry hair.

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