Saturday, November 21, 2015

A couple of updates for a November Saturday...

The best laid plans of mice and Susan are easily waylaid by back pain...but things are getting better with the help of some lovely pharmaceuticals, some intense weight workouts, a couple of lovely back balms, and a weekly massage. This is the first week that I didn't come home from work earlier than normal because of pain, and I managed to stand and headbang for a few hours at the Blind Guardian show on Monday night - which was epic!!! - so I'm holding out hope this healing continues! Thanks to all of you who have sent me good thoughts and healing balms!

Just a reminder about the 2016 Canadian Guild of Soapmakers, Chandlers, and Cosmetic Makers' conference in Niagara Falls the weekend of April 21st to 24th! Kevin Dunn is the headliner - you might remember him from the pH 7 soap challenge* - and is offering not one, but two, chances to hear him speak!

*As an aside, it looks like one person has entered this challenge as of this date, which is weird considering all the claims that people have made about getting soap down to a pH 7. I can't wait to see those results! 

I'm offering four hands-on workshops - two - 2 hour facial product workshops when we'll be making a facial cleanser, eye gel, and toner, and two - 3 hour lotion making workshops when we'll be making a body & hand lotion, body butter, and facial moisturizer.

I know there's an early bird discount, so I encourage you to take a look at the page if you're thinking about attending.

A reminder that November is actually Movember, a month to increase awareness about men's health issues. My husband - the always adorable Raymond - has been growing his 'stache all month. If you want to see pictures or donate to the cause, please check out his Movember page here.

He calls this one "you can always tell a Milford man..." 


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, Glad to read that your back is getting better!

Thank you so much for all this incredible info on this blog! you are an inspiration, I think for many of us!
I am interested in the facial workshop

I would like to know in what form you are planning on doing them. Live ( I do not live in CA) or will there be some kind of webinar?

Thank you!

virginie13 said...

Hi Susan,

I came across your blog which i really enjoy. I'm presently experimenting making body lotion, face cream and lip balm for my Christmas gift. I mixed 3/4 of coconut oil for 1/4 with Jojoba oil, a little of rose musquee oil, little polawax. I blended everything adding drops of rose, geranium and sweet orange essential. It didn't get creamy but I put my mix in clean jars in the fridge until it solidified. I use it every day after my shower and it feels great. Am I doing it alright not to add any water to it?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Tiya! No, my classes are done in person in Surrey, B.C., or at the conference in Niagara Falls. I do have some videos on my YouTube channel, and hope to have more in the near future. (I'm not sure how to do a webinar!)

Hi Virginie13! Sure, you don't have to add water to this product if you like it. Just make sure you aren't dipping into the jar with anything other than clean hands!