Sunday, October 25, 2015

I made it into the workshop!

Between hurting my back/hip and preparing for the Soapmakers' conference, I haven't had any workshop time in the last few months. As a result, I've been running out of products and getting progressively more grumpy! Raymond bought body wash thinking we were out! How scandalous! (We weren't, but we were close!) 

Today, we made it into the workshop and crafted many lovely things! 

Raymond made a gel, then customized it with some ingredients he hopes will help with puffiness and dark under eye circles. (You'll see that recipe here after he's had a chance to test drive it!) 

And I made more foaming soy cleanser, (, which is my new favourite facial product! You can play with it quite a hit if you don't have all those ingredients, or do a search for other foaming facial cleansers to see all the versions I've made! 

What did you make this weekend? Did you like it? What will you try next time? 


Wonderlusting said...

I made moisturiser for the first time. I was surprised what a simple process it was!¬ Will have to try your cleanser.

Cynthia Scott said...


I made a big batch of hair conditioner and I had bought a new scale and silly me didn't look to see if it had grams. I think it's fairly obvious that a digital scale should of course have grams as an option for measuring - whatever. So when I set out to do this I was out of my element to begin with and getting easily confused. So I determined to do 4 times my normal recipe (but knowing this is really 12 times - I really like my conditioner and so decided to make a years worth) and to do it at .1 ounce equaling 1% - seems fairly simple yes?

Ok so I got it done pretty well until I got to the cool down phase. I added instead of .16 ounces of liquid germall plus 1.6 oz - YIKES!! Is it even safe to use this. It's 32 oz of product - so that is 5%. And then to top it off .4 - for 32 oz - of fragrance. (yeah I know 32oz doesn't measure out right for 4 times a batch at .1 equaling 1% - but that is how much it weighed when all was said and done.) Only because that is all I had left (of that fragrance that is). So that is too much but not by a whole lot - but is it even safe to use this with that much preservative in it? 5% is 1.6 NOT .5% and of course on my calculator I did 32 x .05 not .005! duh!!!! grrrr I should have done it in my head!!! (I'm not accustomed to using the calculator except for anything but soaping and really then only to measure out how much soap goes into a container - volume measurements. Otherwise soapcalc will do the math for you.)

Can I figure how much preservative is in each ounce and then add that to lotions/conditioners as a preservative - this is probably a stupid question - NO! I hate, hate, hate to throw out sooooo much product!!! And my gut was telling me no no no - but I did the math 3 times and I thought well it is ALOT more than I normally make which is 200g. So that I was confused and just messed up - majorly!! When I do a 200 g batch I take out a pipette and put in 1 ml of the stuff.

What would you do with this mess - it's a beautiful conditioner minus the fact that it is preserved as if it needs to last until the next ice age!!! Oh I'm so verclempt!!! LOL

Oh so sad!!! Is it trash now?

Thank you for (hopefully) responding!!


Oh and by the by - green tea extract in powder form just cannot equal out g to g to liquid - it's WAAAAY too much - we're talking an ENORMOUS amount when weighed out like that - have you ever worked with the powder form? I wish I had waited to buy that until I had figured out that you need liquid for liquid formulations and powder for things like bath bombs- ie powdered sles vs liquid in bath bombs and for shampoo liquid CBetaine vs powdered (I don't know if that even comes in powdered form but you get my meaning I'm sure). But I'm glad I figured that out and didn't buy liquid sles for my bath bombs - what a disaster that would have been!! I seem to do really well soaping and other anhydrous products but when I add water my whole world seems to make a shift and things stop making sense to me. Although I really like my conditioner, I cannot seem to make a lotion that is worth using! Except for body butters or lotion bars.

Oh and one more thing - what would YOU do with powdered green tea extract?

thanx again!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, do you know where in UK or EU we can get foaming silk, foaming oat, and foaming rice surfactants?
Thanks, Erica

Juanita Miglio said...

I am very interested in hearing more about the eye gel. Has the hubby determined if it works well? Is he going to be sharing the formula?

Cynthia Scott said...

Please I'm sure you are busy - I will break it down to a smaller question. I made conditioner with 5% liquid germall plus - not .5. I made 32 oz of this stuff - is it safe to use? If not is there anything else I can do with it?

Thank you so much - please tell me what to do?

Thank you thank you!!


Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Cynthia. You can make enough to mix it with the batch and have it all equal out to 0.5% or you can throw it away and chalk it up to experience. Not much more you can do as that usage is way outside the suggested usage range. As for powdered green tea extract, I've written an entire PDF that you can download on the topic, as well as many many posts. You can find the latter in the extract section of the blog. And I would never ever suggest using powder for the liquid one for one. As I say all the time, check your supplier's suggested usage rate before using an ingredient. You can use powers in liquid applications. The FAQ will help guide your way.

Cynthia Scott said...

Thank you it is a relief to know I can make more conditioner and use it as a replacement for yet more preservative which will make naturally just a bit more conditioner - a good thing!!

Thank you thank you!!!!


Elisabeth said...

Tremendous congratters on making it into the workshop! I stopped making cosmetics almost completely during the summer months, and I'm out of shampoo and conditioner, as well as facial cleanser. I've been using up all those almost-empty commercial bottles and tubes that haunt the closets. However, I've started small and made little emulsified hand lotion bars, adding BTMS for conditioning and emulsifying, as I wanted to add some water soluble ingredients. Keeping the water phase at 5 % (and counting it as a part of the fluid third) I still got a solid bar, though I could have gone a lot easier on the beeswax. As it is, it doesn't spread easily and is rather sticky, but I can't complain about the staying power. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't have my hand issues. Might do something with carnauba and jojoba wax, mango butter and rice bran oil for the rest of the body, we'll see.