Monday, August 24, 2015

Should we be designing our recipes as a line of products?

Kneeley asked a great question: If we were to make say, a shampoo and a conditioner, and maybe a leave in all for the same person or same hair type that are meant to be used together, would we need to make alterations to the recipes for things such as glycerin, proteins etc due to either something like protein build up or stickiness? 

What a great question! This got me thinking about how our products work together and the idea of creating recipes for a line of products. I generally make products as a one-off, never assuming you'll be using another recipe from this blog in tandem with something else. But what if you're using a cleanser, toner, moisturizer combination or a shampoo, conditioner, leave in, anti-frizz combination every day? Are you getting too much of something by piling one on top of the other?

If I may ask you for a moment of your time, could you please give me an idea as to what products you might use together? This will help me design some recipes to go with this series!


Viola said...

Things I use together are shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and a protective heat serum (for pre blow drying) for my hair.

For my face I use a cleanser, moisturizer and acné cream.

That's about all I can up with.

Caroline said...

Hi, I have started using an oil serum underneath a water based moisturiser hoping to get maximum amount of hydration for my skin, would like to know how to optimise this
with ingrediants, thank you, Caroline

Julievh said...

Hi Susan-
I LOVE your blog!
I use an oil based cleanser with apricot oil as the carrier and essential oils, followed by
a silicone serum- like the lortioncrafter formula serum SE that I made with Hyaluronic acid, Panthenol, Niaminicide, hydrolyzed oats,
then I follow it with a moisturizer with Aloe vera, Honeyquat,Olive squalane, N acetyl Gluecosamine, Niacinamide,
Slik Protien, Allantion and Panthenol.
I love it and have not had problems with build up at all.
I welcome your thoughts on this question.

CC Mirabella said...

Wow I didn't think of that..I use everything together . Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, anti frizz, leave in conditioner, body lotions, creams face creams, toners , face wash ect...

Natalie said...

I really like this idea for a series!! I would love to see a combo of recipes for oily skin - a great deep cleansing, non pore-clogging, no oil facial cleanser, maybe a good mask for oily skin and also a light skin serum for oily skin. I also use volumizing shampoo, a light yet moisturizing conditioner (oily scalp, dry ends), a light leave-in conditioner, and a volumizing mousse to boost my roots.

Jennifer said...

Cleanser, eye cream, vit. C or glycolic treatment, daily moisturizer, followed by sunscreen during day...
cleanser, eye cream, facial serum at night.

Mask or fine scrub twice a week in the evening.

Great idea for the topic!

Lisa said...

What a great idea for a series! Shampoo, conditioner & leave in/styling cream.
For my face I use a cleanser, toner & moisturizer. I'm really looking forward to your posts on this. Thanks for doing it.

Vanessa said...

Skin care - cleanser, toner, mask, scrub, moisturizer.

Loved said...

What a great idea. For the ethnic dry haired, kinky curly gal, I do a pre poo and then a detangling shampoo, and then deep conditioner, and then leave in conditioner and finally a styling gel that has oils/butters to seal in the moisture. Then once a month a protein conditioner. I truly hope you help out with hair products for the dry haired gal :-)

Vanessa said...

For different skin types.

KMY said...

Great idea Susan! Like many others I have skin concerns: oily, sensitive, menopausal (mature) skin. I very my cleansers but always use these favorites in order: toner spray, gel serum, water-based moisturizer. I have found that the 4 C's work for me: Chamomile, Calendula, Comfrey, Cucumber. Thank you for all that you do!

SweetAirSoapworks said...

Perfect timing Susan! I've been thinking about developing a few lines of specialty products (oily skin, dry skin, eczema/psoriasis, etc.) to complement our individual product sales. It's good business to have a line, as it leads to multiple product purchases.

Right now, we have a line of products based on scent (soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs). This allows our customers to buy a soap, butter & scrub all with the same scent/fragrance so that they can layer the fragrance rather than having different scents trying to compete with one another. We sell these as gift sets at shows & festivals that we do.

The next phase for us is to design lines of products based on performance/need, so I'd like to have a line targeted towards dry skin issues, oily skin issues, etc...

Can't wait to see more!

Michelle said...

Great idea! I use pure Argan Oil on my face (and love it) but would like to add Evening Primrose or others for older skin. I use Kukui Nut on my hair and sometimes mix in other oils, but would like to have a good leave in protectant/shine product. And, lip balm with Avocado & other goodies. I am sure these are some of the things I have searched for on your site :) Looking forward to seeing your recipes.

Sly said...

I make matching shampoo & conditioners and have found that I always make some Pink Himalayan Salt bars to match these (not sure why, but some people like it).

For myself I like a facial cleanser, toner, & moisturizing cream combo.

BTW: I made your Facial Moisturizing cream for dry & wrinkled skin and loved it so much, I made a second batch that was bigger. Thank you for the great recipe & ideas!


pat bortolin said...

Hi Susan, for my hair that is thick, dry-ish and has too much curl, I start with a hair mask of plain coconut oil 30min-1hr before I wash with salon bought shampoo and then I use my conditioner that has silicones, more coconut oil, hydrosols, phytokeratin and panthenal, finally after the blow dry and straight iron I apply 3-4 drops of your 10%-90% silicon anti-frizz serum formula, my goal is to limit how much moisture enters the shaft of the hair so it stays soft, shiny and smooth, however, on a very humid day it still swells...OMW!! HELP :):):) Thanks

Lena Moback said...

Until now I have only made body butters, foot creams, lip balms, diaper creams and a cream to prevent my daughter from getting stretch marks so none of my products have had any water added.

But it would be nice to be able to make shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, styling gel, shower soap as well as a liquid hand soap. I use lotion, lip balm and foot cream.

I have problems with dry hands so I use the body butter at night and wear gloves.

My grandson likes bubbles in his bath but I haven't looked into making something like that myself yet.

I have to use unscented stuff, my daughter and grand son are also having problems with scents. My daughter is allergic to nuts and coconut.

Linhntp said...

Hi Susan, great topic, while making products for myself and my family i sometimes had this question popped up in mind, but never seriously thought about it.
But here it goes, if i make toner and moisturizer for my oily aging skin, i tend to keep my toner very hard core, no water, all hydrosols and lovely extracts (i use a mix of witch hazel, lavender, aloe juice, extracts of seaweed, centella asiatica and cucumber, etc. depending on my mood that day :)), then for my moisturizer i use all water for water phase (to save up some money as well) cos i will get all the hydrosols benefits through toner just before applying moisturizer.
Or if at night i use a serum (all oils), and i sleep in air con, i normally top it up with an oil free moisturizer (i love your recipes for those) to provide some hydration boost (i also add sodium hyaluronic in my recipe - i know you are not a fan of HA and sort but somehow it does give me a feeling of extra hydration) and occlusive function. and if i am lazy i just mixed the oil serum with the oil free moisturizer and apply it all at the same time :)
Just some ideas to share, look forward to your take on this topic!
Cheers, Linh

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan,
Hair products, face products, body products... I like to make my own instead of buying the commercial brands. From all the products the facial treatment is more complicated for me since I have acné prone skin, mature, sensitive and both dry and grease skin.
I feel lost when I have to plan a treatment. I would looove to have some help for making a cleanser, eye contour and day cream that would be right for me.
My sister is also asking me for the same kind of products but I can't come up with the right stuff.
I have all your ebooks Susan and will keep trying but I definetely need some guidance.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan - what a great idea for a series and awesome suggestions from everyone!
Looks like most of us have either oily skin or mature skin!
I would just add a coordinating mask to the mix of facial products.
Thank you!!

Ruth said...

Hi Susan
This is a great idea, too often think of products individually!
I have fine processed hair and use shampoo & conditioner (every day), leave in creme and light finishing product
I have dry fair skin - for face I use eye make up remover, cleanser (prefer creme cleanser), scrub on occasion, and moisturiser
Other things? Body moisturiser, hand cream (for very dry hands!), cuticle cream
I look forward to see what you come up with!

Baby Kat said...

Great idea about doing a series! Perhaps based on hair/skin type. I am still looking for a good recipe for a volumizer shampoo/conditioner set. I also use anti frizz serum because my hair is thin, flat and frizzy.
My skin care routine for my combination skin consists of cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer for day (with SPF) and night, the occasional micro dermabrasion ( I finally stumbled upon a good recipe), also a light lotion to alternate on some days.
I love all your recipes, you are a trove of information, thanks!

Elisabeth said...

Since I have somewhat well-behaved skin and hair in the summer months, my current regime is rather minimalistic (conditioning shampoo bar/body wash or CP soap/lotion on dry spots/facial cleanser /moisturizer with a few shakes of mineral makeup mixed into it), I'm also interested in getting a look at how active ingredients might interact with each other. While I hardly think you can have too much panthenol, the same can't be said for fruit acids, etc. If you make a cleanser/toner combination and would normally use 10 % of e g Multifruit BSC, should you instead go for 5 + 5, or would you be left with two pointless products? (I'm fed up with commercial formulas that have all their label-appeal ingredients in the jumble below the 1% preservative line.) Or pick one product and use the 10 % (which when concerning AHAs might be the safer bet?)

Cynthia Scott said...

WOW Tooooo many things to comment on here. I'm not even going to try. For just about every post I had several thoughts that I would have liked to discuss. I think you have set yourself up for a Herculean task here!! BUT You ARE up to the challenge!! It will likely take some time is all. Still you will probably beat all expectations! And you have definitely tackled huge topics here successfully before! So I shall very much be looking forward to what you come up with. Where does one even start in this mess?

Well actually I have a couple ideas about that. How about discussing the things that would say go into the different categories first instead of picking one "type" - like dry, aging, skin and thin, greasy hair. So just a warm up for the first few days on all the types and categories so that we can all at least start looking at what types of products we should be gathering in preparation to getting started down one road or another. Also it would be good if you gave, early on some indication of what order you are going to tackle things. For instance this week we're going to do cleanser, mask, toner, serum and moisturizer for oily, acne skin, on week two- such and such and on week 3 .....

OR perhaps do a thing where you start each week with say - well pick a product of any kind for any one of those types/categories - but where it would be different than any other one of your blogs on this or that product also mention what things would be good to incorporate into the products surrounding the one you are working on. So that if you are working on a toner for oily mature acne skin due to older women's out of whack hormones then after you've layed out such a recipe/formula, mention what things you left out that would be good to incorporate into a moisturizer, mask, scrub, serum... for that same skin type during the following days. I just cannot see however taking one skin type and going on for weeks about all the products that can be used just to make up that line - although that would certainly be one way to go - a loooong drawn out way where most of us will be waiting until you get around to our skin issues. I don't know if you'll get what I'm trying to say here having not laid it out very well. But maybe it will lead to some inspiration on how to start down this road.

I just thought instead of giving you yet one more set of criteria to shoot at solving I thought why not give you something in terms of how to work on getting to all of these! I'm sure you'll figure out a way that makes perfect sense!

Good luck with it!!

And thank you!


Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

HI everyone! Thanks for your feedback. I'm not sure where the idea arose that I would be writing recipes with specific skin types in mind, but that isn't the point of this series. The idea is that we'd be designing products that would be used with other ones, perhaps as layers, perhaps one after the other. I appreciate the ideas you've shared! Thank you!

I've written a whole lot about creating recipes for different skin types, some of which you can find in the skin chemistry section of the blog or through a search to with the key words being the skin type you have.

Sharon said...

I am working on products to use together starting in the shower or bath. Shampoo and conditioner, body wash/soap, scrubs (salt/sugar) and bath fizzies then followed by moisturizer face,body and feet. Maybe even a body spray/spritz. Some I have worked out. In my whipped body butter I use avocado and Shea butters and in the fizzies I use kokum and sunflower butters. My sugar scrubs use sunflower, avocado, almond and coconut oils.
I am tweaking my shampoo and soap recipes and considering adding silk proteins to both. I like tie everything together with color and fragrance.
I have to be very careful, I have baby fine hair (grey but dyed) and sensitive skin that has turned into sandpaper after a bad reaction to something. Literally for months.
I am interested in seeing what you come up with and we learn.

Erica Echternach said...

Shampoo and Conditioner always together. Body wash, scrubs and sometimes lotion together. Styling products varies, but usually I use them all separately for different functions. Lastly, cleanser, toner and moisturizer together.

Stephanie Bdr said...

Don't know if you are still looking for replies on this subject, but I am an avid fan of "layering" (trend is coming from Korea)

What that means for my routine:

Vitamin C serum
Hyaluronic lotion with 5 kinds of HA from Japan (Hada Labo Premium)
Sometimes a layer of aloe Vera

HA lotion
Retinol Oil serum
Hydrating serum (or ampoule, thats how it's called in Korea)

For my hair:
Hydrolized proteins lotion/essence
Silicones/argan oils
Biosilk (to lock in the moisture)

Gently switching from commercial products to homemade except for the HA lotion, cause it's impossible to find the 5 types of HA in there, and this stuff is DA bomb LOL

Hope it helps ;)