Saturday, August 8, 2015

A few thoughts for a lazy Saturday when I will probably end up lying on the couch cuddling a small dog...

I can't stress enough this idea - make a small batch of a product you're making for the first or second time or when you're changing something major in the recipe! You don't want to have a kilogram of failed lotion on your hands!

Susanna Originals has put up a few variations on the body butter recipe that I encourage you to read! Wow! Those sound nice and decadent! Susan - get in touch with me at and let me know which e-book I can send you!

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Please reconsider the way you're using the word "safe". It doesn't mean that it won't make you break out or that people with allergies will not have a reaction. It means that you can use it at the level that is suggested without ill effects. And again, I must re-iterate that every ingredient I use on this blog is safe as used! (As for comedogenicity, you'll have to see how you react to ingredients and keep a record, because the comedogenicity ratings really aren't that accurate.)

Please note, you cannot thicken your oil based product with a gum. Gums are water soluble, while oils are oil soluble.

Want to know more about the chemistry of moisturizers? Check out this great infographic at Compound Interest!

And finally, check out this article at the Telegraph! A study is suggesting that free radicals might be essential for keeping skin young by encouraging regeneration! Which means we could be doing damage by using too many anti-oxidizing products! Eeek! Now, this is only a study on mice, so it might not be applicable to human skin, but it is something to think about, eh? (I have to point out that this article isn't well written and has some science wrongness to it, but I think the idea is interesting...)


Francis said...

Hi Susan! First of all, I'd like to say SUPER THANK YOU for your wonderful effort of putting up this jam packed blog! It's so helpful for me, especially I'm so interested in making my own skin care for myself.. that works :)

Anyway, I'm currently about to create my own Body Butter, and I've read through your blog the importance of Heating and Holding both the water and the oil phase to 70c using either a double boiler or a fondue pot.. I however, for some reason have unearthed my dad's relatively new "Magnetic Stirring Hot Plate" with a digital temperature control... Can I use that to heat up my water and oil phase with 70c in the temperature screen? or no? Cause I also remember reading from your blog never to put the oil and water phase directly touching a heat source. :) Kindly help me.. :)

Again, many thanks Susan and more power to your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic but I'm curious about making a Vitamin C cream. I have a face cream recipe I make now and love (it does not contain Vitamin C but uses Optiphen Plus as a preservative) and keep reading online that you can just add a small amount of L Asorbic acid to it and it will keep for a few weeks. Why can't it keep for longer then that (ie 6 months to a year) and is there another step involved in making Vitamin C cream or is it that easy?
Here is one website I found:

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Fuchia! It is more complicated than adding Vitamin C to a lotion. Do a search for Vitamin C on this blog to see the post I wrote on this topic.