Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekend Wonderings: Just a bunch o' stuff for a Saturday!

Happy Saturday, everyone! As a quick note, I see your comments on every single post on this blog, going right back to 2008, and I try to answer them all on the weekends. (During the week, I generally don't have time unless I get a few minutes on my lunch hour for something simple.) They might end up as a Weekend Wondering or I'll answer them in the post in which they are asked.

If I haven't answered your comment, there are a few reasons this might be:
1. I missed it. I do get a lot of them, and yours might have been missed in the crowd. If you think this is the case, email me and remind me of your comment! Or comment again! (Thanks for your patience!)
2. It is something that can be easily found in the FAQ or on the newbies page. I might direct you there, but I mostly hope that you get curious and find it yourself.
3. It's something that can be found easily through a search and, again, I hope you get curious enough to do a search.
4. You are a spammer, and the only response you deserve is the mocking laughter of the readers of this blog. (See below for that example...)

Check out melian's comments about how she tests her products for stability. (Click and scroll down!) If you are in business or just curious about how your products will stand up over time and in various temperatures, this is a great experiment! As well, check out what she has to say about her heat & hold method!

Hey, melian! Do you have all the e-books? If not, email me and I'll send you out one of your choice as my thanks for your great sharing! 

Check out Paige's great review about the winter hair custard in this post! Thanks, Paige! What e-book do you want? Email me with your choice!

Want to write a review and have the chance of winning an e-book? Check out this post

Henry Jones wants promotion for his company Orogold. So here's the post I wrote about this product. A summary of my thoughts about Orogold? A basic moisturizer with gold in it because "gold and beauty are words that work well together", which is to say "we use gold because it sounds fancy and we want to make a fortune on our very basic recipe that isn't worth even 1/100th of what you're paying - mwa ha ha ha". If you are thinking of using this product, please read this blog with stories about people's deep unhappiness with this product!

Hey, Henry! How's that for promotion? Want to spam me some more? 

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melian1 said...

i'm so excited about the ebook! i emailed you. thank you so much!!