Sunday, June 14, 2015

A few links for a lovely almost-summer Wednesday...

If you've ever wondered what it would feel like to change just one ingredient in that lotion, then wonder no more! Marina spent ages changing just one ingredient at a time to see what each thing brought to her product, and she's reporting her results to us! Please visit this post - then scroll down to the comments - to see Marina's awesome process and outcomes!

If you're interested in learning how to make a pomade, check out this recipe. I haven't made of any of these because none of the men in my life use them, but it seems like a nice recipe. (If you try it, can you give us your opinion? There's an e-book in it!) 

Did you see Game of Thrones on Sunday? I'm telling you, I need some serious grief therapy after this season! 


Theresa Willey said...

Thank you for the pomade link! I have been playing around trying to find a good pomade recipe: both anhydrous and it seems water based pomades are extremely popular as well. There are so many options,it makes my head spin, it seems like I don't know where to start! For the pomade link recipe, the biggest percentage ingredient is petrolatum. Is there an alternative to sub for that to get similar results? Light weight styling cream would be a blessing this summer too ;) And btw, I always need some sort of minor therapy after watching Game of Thrones....... and I love it! Thanks!

The Nova Studio said...

Wow, that is a TON of work Marina did on those lotion recipes! What a great resource.

RobinLindsay said...

I'm just commenting to grieve with you about this season of GoT, for not just deaths, but psychological (and physical) injuries as well. It was a rough 10 weeks.

Pepper7 said...

I wish I had the patience and the time to try one ingredient at a time in a lotion. I don't know about anyone else, but it takes me hours to complete a batch of lotion. Between the santitizing, the measuring, the heat / holding, and the cooling down - that's an entire weekend afternoon for me :) I commend and appreciate Marina for taking the time and sharing her results with us. Lotion making, or any craft for that matter is a labor of love. As is game of thrones ! That show has broken my heart so many times, but I love it :)

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Theresa. I don't know as I haven't used the recipe. I'd make it the way it is written the first time, then try subbing things out after that. If it doesn't work when you've subbed something the first time, how do you know if it was meant to work at all? And how do you know what the intended skin feel might have been?

RobinLindsay and Pepper7: I have read all the books, so I thought I knew what was coming...then BAM! I'm taken by surprise! It's been a hard season. When do we get a win? And why do I keep watching it???

Juan Alfaro said...

Hi Susan, First of all, congratulation for your wonderful post. I have been following you since this year, I found this blog and I have spent a lot of time reading the useful information you wrote in this. I have been making my own products for 2 years, I live in El Salvador, Central America, and here I have a lot of problems trying to find ingredients. We have the “common ingredients” here, but very few of the one you recommend here in your formulas, so when I want to create a product, I have to research a lot and try to find the appropriate ingredients to play with them to create something good. Sometimes I have spent months in one formula, replace them with ingredients, make the standard base, and add/take ingredients until find the correct amount. It is really strange when you get the perfect product at the first try, to be honest, It has never happened to me, I always create “little batches” and give a try to my relatives, as they are the most useful reviewers I have. They always told me: this is the worst product, or wow, you made it!!!.

Why I am writing to you??? After all introductions, just to say Hi and share the opinions I have with this type of Pomade. I use the pomade as an example of pomade I use when my family has a cold or cough. It always works for me.

The following ingredients I use are:
Petrolatum: 40%
Beeswax: 20%
Sweet Almond Oil: 15%
Mineral Oil: 5%
Shea Butter: 10%
Lanolin: 3%

This is my basic formula for pomade, it works for me. And then I add the ingredients for Cold:
Camphor: 4%
Menthol: 2%
Eucalyptus Oil: 1%

I really like to work with Petrolatum, as it is great emollient combined with Mineral Oil and Lanolin. I use this base of Pomade to anhydrous product. Don´t be afraid to work with it. And I recommend it. And it is almost the same you share in the link.

I just want to give my opinion, and hope it can be useful for this post. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us Susan.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Juan. That looks like a great recipe. Are you using it in your hair? How does it wash off?

Juan Alfaro said...

HI Susan, I use this recipe only in for skin, and I have noticed that Petrolatum doesn´t feel well in hair as it tangles the hair. Otherwise, for skin works perfectly. It is easy to wash off from skin, only use soap and water, and it is gone!!!!