Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's been a long week!

It's been a very long week with loads of activity and not much time to think about anything, let alone write. Sorry for the lack of posts!

Happy Pi Day! Today is 3.14/15, so I encourage you to celebrate by measuring some circles and eating a tart or two. Quiche counts!

Like this shirt? Find this and more at Mental Floss's shirt store! (Note: I don't have an affiliation with them and don't get any money if you click through. I just like their shirts!) 

Check out this post on Beauty Brains about Lush's self-preserving products and water activity. Very interesting!

Are you interested in taking a class at Voyageur Soap & Candle with me? If so, registration is open and the first class is on Saturday, March 21st when we'll have some fun with hair care products! While there, check out the awesome classes Tawnee is teaching, including cold process soap making, men's products, green cleaning products, and mommy & me products, to name a few. She's an incredible teacher!

A quick note about the e-books: If you donate for an e-book, you will get it within a few minutes to few hours of the email arriving in my inbox. (The delay is because I need to be somewhere with wifi or at home!) If you don't get it in a few hours, check your spam inbox as it seems to be ending up there. Please write to me if you don't get it within 24 hours. There are the odd times I can't send things right away - for instance, when I'm on holidays in America where it costs a fortune to send and receive email on my smart phone - but I'll post that information on the blog when I'm away.

A reminder about the National Craft Month contest! Click here to learn more! Look forward to seeing a few of the entries in the next few days!

I'm having a really tired day today, so it looks like instead of reviewing your comments, I'll be lying on the couch playing Animal Crossing. I'll get to some of your questions in tomorrow's Weekend Wonderings!

What are you making this weekend? 

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Me said...

Lazy day here too, but will be making an emulsified foot scrub and foot scrub lotion bar :)