Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Formulating with soy bean oil: Creating a foot cream (part two)

Yesterday we took a look at the oil phase of a potential foot cream. Let's take a look at the water phase today.

What do I do with the water phase? What kinds of things do I want for feet? If I'm thinking about  hydrating my skin, I want to go with a humectant. I'm going to use two here because I want maximum hydration for my very dry feet. I'm going to use 5% glycerin - more about this in a second - and 3% sodium lactate. I know I generally use 2.5% sodium lactate as more than 3% can make you sun sensitive and I'm afraid I might go over by a drop or two, but I'm not exposing my foot lotion slathered feet to the sun. They're going straight into my fluffy socks! As for the glycerin - that amount would normally feel a bit sticky, but you won't notice it in your socks. And there's so much awesome packed into that 5% as it draws water from the atmosphere and brings it to your feet.

I think I'm going to add some witch hazel to this product. I know that might seem like a strange addition, but it has some wound healing properties, and that's very valuable when it comes to trashed feet that might have loads of little cuts and scrapes. I think I'll add it at 10%. Aloe vera would be nice for the same reasons, so I think I'll use that at 10% in the water phase as well. I could add 2% panthenol in the cool down phase to help with wound healing and to act as a humectant. Oh, I can't forget my beloved allantoin. It's a softening ingredient that acts as a barrier ingredient, too. I'll add that at 0.5% in the water phase.

I could use some peppermint hydrosol in the heated water phase, but I think I'll use peppermint essential oil at 1% in the cool down phase instead. Feel free to use any essential or fragrance oil you choose intead.

I have to note here that if you wanted to use all water for the water phase, feel free to do so!

Okay, do we have a plan?

30% water
10% witch hazel
10% aloe vera
5% glycerin
3% sodium lactate
0.5% allantoin

8% soy bean oil
15% cocoa butter
7% Polawax
3% stearic acid

2% dimethicone
1% peppermint or other minty essential oil
0.5% liquid Germall Plus

Please use the general lotion making instructions for this product.

If you want to make a whole foot pampering kit, check out these posts on making a minty pumice-y foot scrub bar or making fizzing foot salts!

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Sly said...

I'm new to all this, but have been voraciously reading your post for a year... Thank you so much for all the great info.

Question: Your recipe adds up to 95%. I'm confused with what to add for the remaining 5%?
Thank you!