Saturday, February 14, 2015

Random thoughts for a way too warm February Saturday morning...

Jenna! If you are reading this, please send me another e-mail to which I can send your e-book. I've been trying for two days, and I keep getting the message "550 Mailbox quota exceeded"! 

There is no hard and fast rule about when you should add an extract. There are some that can withstand heat, and there are some that can't. You need to check whether or not your extract can handle heat or not! When you see me using an extract in the heated phase, that's because that extract can handle it. That doesn't mean your version will do so.

If you have a few moments, please pause and review the use of it's versus its. It's is a contraction. It means it is, it was, it has. The apostrophe is taking the place of letters that are not being used. Its - this is the possessive, like "the dog loved its bone". To figure out which one you want to use, ask yourself if it can be broken down into it is, it was, it has or if it owns something. If you wanted to say "It's the dog who loves its bone", you'd break down the first it's into "it is" and the second its into...well, nothing, because it is the possessive. Lest you think this isn't important, think about how using the wrong version looks to someone in the know. Being able to write well is so important these days, what with the Internet being so popular, and knowing the difference between these two words is a lot more important than you think!

Lest you think spelling isn't important, spend a few minutes perusing the horrible horrible tattoo fail blog and see how much you'd like to have "no regerts" on your body forever!

Hope you're having a great day! I'm hoping to get some workshop time in today so I'll have more to write about tomorrow!


Kelli Spears said...

Hahaha! That is so funny Susan and yet so true. I know that not everyone really liked English class or maybe they just had a hard time with it. I always notice those grammatical errors, such as, when people use the incorrect form of "then" and "than" or "there" and "their". Especially if they are selling something and their description has a lot of those errors. Not very professional looking.

Elisabeth said...

Is there a special acronym for "I'd like to LOL but this is just too embarrassing"?

By the way, I finally have a proper question for you: I've made an emulsified sugar scrub according to your standard formula. It's mumblemumble months old now and otherwise fine, but it's solidified in its jar and isn't all that pleasant to use. Is it possible to dilute it with something and regain the original creamy consistency?

Lulue said...

Yes, apostrophes )or their lack of use) really bother me. Here in the UK there is even an apostrophe protection society. I teach adult literacy and found an apostrophe song on you tube that I use when teaching it.

B. said...


I contacted Brambleberry where I get most of my oil-soluble extracts and they recommended adding them to the cool-down phase. Where do you get your oil-soluble extracts from normally?