Monday, February 23, 2015

A few random things for a lovely February morning...

I wanted to remind you how easy it is to make your own wax tarts (a la Scentsy's products)!  We just made them - and candles - with the kids in craft group, and it was great fun! You can get a little burner that uses a candle at your local big box retailer or dollar store for no more than a few dollars, and you've got yourself a lovely gift. We used the clam shell containers I bought at Voyageur Soap & Candle, but you can use silicone ice cube trays, chocolate molds, and other molds to make them as well!

Many of you have written to me about using apple cider vinegar in your hair. Although I haven't found it works for me, some of you really like it. Check out the Beauty Brains explanation as to why this might work.

I loved this post on polyquaternium on the Chemist's Corner. So in depth! If you've ever wanted to know more about our cationic polymers like polyquat 7 or honeyquat, check out this post!


jennifer said...

Susan, random post here. I have been using a facial serum from epicurean for several years, and thought I would try my hand at reproducing this ( although without some of the elastin and enzymes I can't obtain) ...but I cannot figure out how they have managed to make a water based facial serum...full of extracts..and it has apricot oil and polysorbate 20. My attempts with 3% of both makes a watery mess and has nothing of the light oil like consistency of the original product. Any suggestions?

B. said...

Hey Jennifer,

Do you mean Epicuren brand? And which serum are you talking about, I could not find any with apricot oil?


Jennifer said...

Yes, Epicuren ( spell check changed me!), and it's the enzyme concentrate vitamin protein complex. The bottle left off the polysorbate 20 which threw me way off, but the website has it listed as an ingredient. Makes me wonder if there is something else left off the list for 'proprietary' reasons!