Saturday, February 28, 2015

A few administrative things: Deleting comments

There have been some allegations made that I delete comments on my blog. The case is that yes, I have. (Shock and horror! Gasps and fainting!) The reasons I might delete a comment are threefold...

1. If it is anonymous. I've made it clear repeatedly that I don't like anonymous comments. If you could at least put a nice "Bye, (name)" on the post. I'll leave it.

2. If it is abusive or mean. I used to leave these up because I believed I shouldn't delete anything, but it made me really sad when I saw them again, so I've started deleting these immediately. I have always deleted comments when they were cruel to other people.

3. If it contains scientific errors. So let's say you come along and claim that coffee enemas can cure cancer. I'm not leaving that up for someone to think that I endorse this position by leaving it on the blog. (Remember this - extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, so you can't say something huge like that and not post a ton of valid links from reputable sources to support your position.)

I don't delete comments because someone has disagreed with me, as has been alleged. You can see evidence of this all over the blog. I welcome civil disagreement as it leads to discovery and learning!

If I recall correctly, I've deleted exactly three non-abusive, non-anonymous comments from one poster in the last year because they contained factual errors and I didn't want to leave those up and have others think I endorsed her or her statements.

As a note, I don't think that deleting three comments from one person is "always deleting comments". I'd hardly call three times "always". I mean, if you eat roast beef three times in your life, one would hardly say that person always eats roast beef. No, it would be a rare, nay, freak occurrence. (Rimmer, Red Dwarf) 

Here's the thing - and please don't take this the wrong way - you don't have an absolute right to comment on this blog. It's my blog and if I choose to edit the comments, I'm entitled to do so for various reasons. My goal is to create a kind and supportive community where we are free to ask questions, get answers, and share with others who might like to make bath & body products, and to create that community, I need to be able to remove comments that I think detract from that goal. I don't tolerate cruelty, I don't tolerate junk science, and I don't tolerate anonymity. I think those are more than reasonable standards and help create a safe environment we can all enjoy.

That being said, if you notice your comment isn't on the page where you posted it, ask me where it is. If you've put your name on it and you haven't been cruel, the overwhelming odds are that it ended up in the spam filter. I can put it back with a click of the mouse! (I do check the spam filter from time to time to make sure no one gets left behind!)

I hope this clarifies a few things.


SarahB said...

I think your management of your blog is great and you've managed to create one of the few communities where some friendly fact based discussion on these topics can happen. Go Susan! - SarahB

Andy Lee said...

It's a great blog (not just good, but truly great).

I appreciate your gleaning out comment posts which are showing unscientific information. Knowing that you are doing that lets me now read the comments with confidence, whereas previously I "took them with a grain of salt"


Aine said...

Go Susan! seconded.

Esther Tobin said...

Nuf said, and now on and upwards to bigger and better things!

Ali said...

Wow I'm really sorry you feel you have to defend this at all. Your blog, your hard work, and nobody is "entitled" to be heard in the comments.
I don't comment in general, but I love your research and information about all of this stuff!

Anonymous said...

ah, we love you. and yes, I know you're going to delete this comment. np just wanted to let you know we do love you. m

Lisa said...

I don't really think you should have to explain yourself....your blog, your hard work, your rules.
Your blog has been a godsend for me & obviously countless others. For those few that don't like your blog, they should start their own. Then they can work as hard as you do & run it any way they like.
Thanks for all you do!

Danielle Martin said...

A+. You are rad, as usual.

Sânziene şi Mătrăgună said...

By all means, please do so from now on! You can even enable users to be logged on before posting, but I am not sure what the people with no google account will be able to sign in

Someone's blog, although public, it's still his or hers and all the rights on how anyone else behaves on it is yours. It's an extension of your life so you decide how things are ran here. Other people delete comments which tell them that propylene glycol is not carcinogen and that the formulation with a ton of botanicals is not safe when preserved with Cosgard. Each has its own rules

Keep up the good work. You will never be something that pleases the entire world , but you are someone a great part of this world appreciates, respects and - why not - LOVE!


Rivergirl said...

Your blog is well written, and it is a generous sharing of your time. It would be impossible to calculate how many people have benefited from your work. Sorry that you have to waste more time dealing with haters. Delete away my friend. Your blog is your blog. I once had PETA whackos infiltrate my dog /puppy page. They were abusive and factually incorrect. Took me a few days to ferret them out and block and ban. Time is precious. Delete them at will.

melian1 said...

i'm adding my voice to the others that say you're doing a great job. i appreciate not having a lot of nasty posts, ones that pick on and are cruel to others, or scientifically inaccurate information. i don't understand why someone wants to stay anonymous unless they're wanting to hide from what they say.

you go, girl!

Sherry said...

Sounds like someone took it upon themselves to write junk science or blast someone and then cry about how unfair you are for deleting their comments.

Meh, sounds about right. Believe me, I'd go as far as to claim that a majority of us can see right through that type of behavior and whole-heartedly support your refusal to endorse it. :D Go Susan!

Danuta Kildan said...

Your blog is fantastic. I come here at least twice a day:))
You have right to keep it clean and informative, and deleting posts with stupid claim (Co kills 90% of cancer cells)is just right. Please, Susan continue your great work. I meet people all over the net and everyone loves you. So do I:)) Thank you Susan.

Anonymous said...

I will add my agreement to all the above comments. I am on your blog all the time because I know you state the facts, backed up by scientific proof. No melodramatic "all chemicals are bad!!" nonsense. Your wonderful blog has allowed me to try and create my own recipes based upon what I have learned from you. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and totally support your rules.
Regards, Belinda K.

Carolyn said...

I love your blog. And as a blogger myself, I totally support your "my blog, my rules" stance. I started following your blog last year during a period when you weren't posting very frequently, and even then I was so excited to have found such a wonderful resource and have been continually visited to educate myself. Lately I have been amazed at how often you post - I know it is a huge commitment of time and energy to be updating a blog so frequently. Just wanted to add my words of support....I am so glad that you are sharing your ideas and knowledge with us all!!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog daily. I feel confident using what I learn here because of your no nonsense approach. Keep it up! And, Thank you!
Marcia (dont make soap) from Chilliwack :)

meena said...

Hi Susan,

Thank you for this wonderful blog. I have learnt a lot from reading your posts and have made some wonderful products.


Pepper7 said...

Susan, I agree with all of the above. I like the fact that you want to create a "safe" environment for your readers. I belong to a yahoo group that I used to love, but I feel that it singles out the people they don't agree with and enforce their rules accordingly. I don't feel comfortable anymore asking a question or even posting a comment. Without a safe environment, everyone misses out. Thank you!