Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What do you want to know? A few random things...

I was looking throught some posts on the blog and realized I hadn't answered some of the questions you had posed earlier this year in the what interests you? post! Let's get to a few of the quicker to answer ones in this post!

Sue asked: Sometimes I notice that ingredients found in the cool down phase you sometimes add into the heated water phase (hydrolysed oats comes to mind), and wondering why?

The main reason for this discrepancy is that I might have found out some new information that changed my mind about where to put this ingredient. For instance, I started out putting hydrolyzed proteins into the cool down phase, but found out that they should go into the heated water phase, so I changed it. You'll see this change around 2010 or so. I am trying to go back and alter the older recipes with new information, but that takes time and I often don't have those spare moments. There's no down side to putting the protein in the cool down phase, so it's not urgent that I change it. 

You might also see this with cetrimonium chloride. That stuff gets around in my recipes! It should be added in the heated oil phase with the Incroquat BTMS-50, but sometimes it ends up in the heated water phase or the cool down phase. I have found that putting it in the heated oil phase results in a thinner product than if I include it in the cool down phase, but that's the only down side in putting it with the heat. You can use it in the phase of your choice. 

The main place that I need to correct this is with honeyquatIt must be put into the cool down phase as it smells just awful when heated. I often put something like this - if you're substituting polyquat 7 with honeyquat, make sure you put it in the cool down phase - but I might have forgotten in the past. 

The TL;DR* version of this answer is that I either made a mistake or I have new information. 

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Quite a few of you asked for new deodorant recipes or deodorant recipes with probiotics in them. I'm not making any more deodorants. I don't feel I have anything to add to the recipes I've already posted, and it is very hard to get sodium stearate these days. I'm not a fan of the baking soda-lotion bar recipes as they can be too alkaline for some skin types. 

Quite a few of you asked about making a Vitamin C serum. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it would appear on other blogs and websites. You can't just add Vitamin C to some stuff in a jar and make one. Vitamin C is notoriously unstable stuff and should be contained in an airless pump bottle once you've made the product. You'll want to use the oil soluble kind, the Vitamin C ester, like this one you can find at Lotioncrafter. If you want a recipe, I've heard this one from Lotioncrafter is really good.

Someone asked if I sell my products...no. Although I think they're pretty awesome, there are a few good reasons why I don't sell. The first is that I don't have time. I've decided to commit myself to teaching how to make products in real life and on the blog, and I've decided to commit myself to my youth programs. The second is that I am a terrible saleswoman! I worked for a short period of time at a clothing store in my adolescence and I told people things looked awful and suggested other stores. I quickly realized that selling is not my thing! And the third is that I like making changes to the products every time I make them, and I couldn't do that if I were to sell my products. 

*TL;DR means too long; didn't read! I use this a lot in daily life lately. That might be a bad sign...

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