Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekend Wonderings: Is emulsification always immediate?

In this post, Weekday Wonderings: Figuring out the melting point, Melanie asks: Will emulsification always be immediate? I made your "pirate" beard conditioner last night and at first when i just poured it and and stirred it looked emulsified though yellowish. Then oil drops started forming. It wasn't until I blended it with the hand mixer for 5 minutes that it looked really white and seemed stable. Is that normal?

How quickly the product emulsifies will depend on a few things, but the main thing is the type of emulsifier. I have found that emulsifications made with Polawax will emulsify immediately, while Ritamulse SCG can take up to a few minutes to look proper.

It can also be a function of the heat of the product. If the temperatures are around 60˚C, I have found that even with Polawax, it can take a few seconds of mixing before it looks emulsified.


Alexis said...

When using UltraMaize in the heated water phase, emulsification is slightly delayed. The oil floats on top, and a minute or so of stirring is needed before the emulsification occurs.

Diva Soap said...

I'm aware that type of an emulsifier,as the content of water will determine the speed of emulsification, but I'm not sure how to avoid the problem of bubbling effect when it's slow. I thought the small quantity of my batches is the culprit, but then tried with double quantity and my s.blender (I had also tried with mini mixer) was immersed fully into the container and I still got the air pockets. That happens when I have high water phase. After emulsion finally looks fine,I still have those little air holes. Sould I try pouring water into the sips and hand mix it,until I see emulsification starts and the whole water is emulsified?