Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weekday Wonderings: Can I turn a lotion into a scrub?

In this post, Experiments in the workshop, Shanna asks: I created one of your minimal synthetic ingredient lotions and it turned out perfect!! Love it. However, I made the stupid mistake of adding exfoliating extracts namely rosehip and lavender not knowing at the time that they were exfoliating lol. So now I have speckled bits of extract in my lotion. Ugggh. My question: Is it somehow possible to turn this lotion into an exfoliating product (sort of like you turn your whipped butter into a body scrub recipe but in this case we use a lotion base instead). Or a exfoliating cream cleanser? I did put in my preservative already. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this and if you might make some recommendations for me if there are any options....i would hate to waste all of these beautiful and expensive ingredients. 

Yes, you can totally use this as a rinse off product by adding some exfoliants - physical exfoliants, part one and part two. Make sure the exfoiliants you choose aren't water soluble - so no salt or sugar in this one! - as they'll dissolve with the water in the product.

As a question though...are rosehip and lavender extracts exfoliating? I'm not sure what version you've used, but I haven't heard of either of those being exfoliating. But kudos to you for being wary!

Shanna brings up a good point, which is this - don't combine exfoliating ingredients in a product as it can be a bit much for your skin. For instance, combining AHA and papaya extract in one product might be too exfoliating for some skin types, so if you really must combine them, make a small amount and keep loads of notes.

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Shanna said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks again for responding & answering my question!! Greatly appreciated:) So yes apparently the lavender and rosehip botanical extracts I purchased from the supplier were listed as exfoliating but I failed to realize that until after it was too late and I had bits of extract in my cream:( But at least all was not totally lost!!!:) and it was a good lesson. Thanks again.

Paige B said...

I'm wondering if perhaps you mean that you added powdered botanicals, rather than extracts - finely ground whole rosehips and lavender flowers that don't dissolve, but act as physical exfoliants as well as adding the plant's beneficial qualities. Nature's Garden carries quite a few of these. They look quite similar to powdered extracts but aren't soluble.