Sunday, December 14, 2014

Keep the suggestions coming!

Thanks for sharing your ideas for what you'd like to see on the blog! Keep the suggestions for ingredients and products coming! Visit this post to share your thoughts!  

I don't have a post for today as I spent the morning cleaning the workshop in anticipation of a fun filled tomorrow and the afternoon researching some new ingredients with which I'd like to play! I have a bunch - baobab oil, acai oil, cloudberry oil, lupine amino acids, and a lot more. But don't worry, I'll share what I make with you over the coming days! 


Melanie said...

Can we make purple shampoo like clairol shimmer lights? It is great for keeping my blonde hair from getting brassy but it makes me sneeze.

Also, my body wash separated. Not into layers but in a few days of sitting it separated into small conglomerates of Clear and opaque.
Water phase:
17.5% distilled water
10% apple hydrosol
5% glycerine
5% honeyquat
2% pantheol powder
Heated phase:
15% coco betaine
15% SMC Taurate
15% apple surfactant (sodium cocoyl apple amino acids)
4% cocamide MEA
Cool down:
2% hydro wheat protein
1% red apple fragrance
1% optiphen ND
2% crothix
few drops mint green lab color

Ella said...

Hei Swift,just a week ago i bought tussah silk(by mistake-i remembered last second that i need silk proteins an threw in my cart the first thing i could click on). i know that this silk fibers are used in soapmaking-but nothing else. i`ve read something about hydrolyzing silk fibers in 5% NaOH solution...what are your thouts about it? is there any way i could use that silk in my cosmetics?