Saturday, December 13, 2014

A few thoughts for the first day of my holidays!

If you live in the B.C. or northern Washington state (or somewhere else, but are willing to drive), check out some of the classes at Voyageur Soap & Candle in Surrey, B.C. I teach four different classes now - anhydrous products, lotion making, hair care, and formulating facial products - and they are a great deal of fun! You also get one of my e-books along with the class so you can learn more at home!

You can also take some awesome classes with Tawnee, like cold process soap making and men's products! You'll walk away with all this neat stuff! The new schedule isn't up yet, but it will be soon!

Please note I'm sharing this information as I've been asked quite a lot lately about the classes I offer. I'm not being sponsored or asked to talk about them by Voyageur Soap & Candle! 

I love making labels! As much as I love making products, the icing on the cake is naming the product yourself and making a lovely label for your product. Check out this post for more ideas on labels! Come up with cute names for the product and for the fragrance. I love seeing what the kids in the group come up with for names because they tend to be themed - comic books, super heroes, anime, video games - and they make some awesome stuff!

When you're thinking of a name, you could describe what it is - for instance, our bubble bath we called "sitting in clouds" - or you could describe what it does - "scrubs away!" for a sugar scrub. You can call something a hand lotion and incorporate an ingredient - honey & aloe hand lotion - or you could use the fragrance name in the description - cupcake hand lotion. You can be aspirational - relaxing bubble bath - or just silly - "sit in it" Epsom salts! There are so many options for naming products. I'd love to hear some of yours!

One of my favourites was a body wash I made with a fragrance called sea kelp. I called it "sea kelp body therapy" - get help...ha! And my anti-frizz spray with loads of cyclomethicone I called "cyclo therapy". (Yes, I sang the Ramones song almost every time I used it!)  I'm a family counsellor married to a psych major so I tend to get a lot of psychology references in my life! 

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Aesthetics of our products: Label making

If you want help with recipe, please please please include the exact recipe you followed in percentages and the exact process you followed. I can't offer help if I don't know what you've done!

A few of you have been asking about information on suppliers. I have a list of suppliers submitted by you, my lovely readers, in the frequently asked questions section of the blog for all parts of the world! Scroll down to see if there are some ideas for your part of the world!

Some of you have been asking about packaging and where to get it. Check out the suppliers' section of the blog as noted above. As well, you can get some cute packaging at dollar stores.

I know cuteness is important, but check out this post on packaging to see if the product you want to package works with your bottle. For the most part, this isn't a big deal, but if you're packaging something that is heavy with fragrance or essential oils, you might want to choose something a little more sturdy!

I'm off to teach my class at Voyageur and then do a little Christmas shopping! See you tomorrow!

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crafty susu said...

I love naming my products, too! Some of my favs: Happy Hands, Ooh La La Toe Tingling Foot Cream, Dewdrops Hair Gloss, Shower Power (body wash) Open Air Shower Steamers (sinus opener) Sunrise Body Polish (with stimulating EOs), Sunset Body Polish (w/ stress relieving EOs). Several of my lip balms have cocktail names like Mojito and Mint Julep. I make a gazillion CP soaps: True Grit smells and looks like leather and has walnut shells in it. Yin & Yang is a black and white swirl. (That one was a major mess to make!) Spice it Up, GQ, Asian Sunrise and Tidal Wave are a few more. Any product that is unscented has "naked" incorporated into the name, for ex. Get Naked Shower Power. I've had many a pow wow at cocktail parties inventing crazy names. Wine is helpful!! Hope this helps get some of your creative juices flowing!