Friday, December 12, 2014

A few rambling thoughts for a rainy Friday in December...

If you're looking for a gift idea and don't have much time, consider making some lotion bars! They only require three ingredients - a hard butter, an oil, and a wax - and all of these things could be found at a health food or grocery store. Check out my visual guide from SnapGuide if you're a more visual learner. And if you're planning on making lotion bars, it's just a small skip and a jump to making your own solid perfumes and lip balms! Check out my visual guides for solid perfumes and my visual guide for lip balms on SnapGuide, too!

Dogs are outstanding! If you don't have a dog, consider adopting one. They're lovely and adorable and cuddly and make you happy all the time, except when they're weeing on the carpet when you don't want to get up in the middle of the night. I think our family laughs 20% more thanks to this tiny Blondie dog, which is saying a lot as we've always been a giggly family! Don't get someone a puppy for Christmas, but think about adopting one for all year 'round! 

This has been a sponsored post from the League of Cuddly Dogs. President and founder, Blondie Barclay-Nichols, pictured left.

If you're looking for a body wash recipe for this time of year, when your skin might be a little drier than normal, I encourage you to use something with polyglucose/lactylate blend. Like this recipe or this recipe or try modifying your body wash as suggested in this post. I'm really enjoying the second recipe a lot in the shower lately. My skin is getting drier as I'm getting older, and since I tend to wear shorts or capri pants all year 'round, this time of year is definitely hell on my shins!

If you're a fan of awesome music, check out the new singles from Faith No More and Blind Guardian! 2015 is going to be an amazing year for my kind of music! Woo hoo! (The FNM single's name is NSFW, so do a search at home for it! We've been substituting the words "puppy snuggler" when singing it in public!) 

I think that's it for this wonderful Friday! Keep the comments coming about what you want to see next on the blog! And tell me - what are you making for Christmas?

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Kneeley said...

Aww your lil dog is adorable! I would love a dog but my 5 rescue cats wouldn't allow it!

I just listened to Blind Guardian as I'd never heard of em before. Pretty cool stuff! Some of it reminds me of Alestorm if you know of those? They're Scottish pirate metal band haha. You should totally check out Forbidden(album named Forbidden Evil) if you haven't already. Really awesome 80's thrash metal! I'd post a link but I'm not sure if that is allowed.

For xmas I've been making bath bombs, lotion bars, shampoo and conditioner bars mostly. It's been lots of fun! :D