Saturday, August 16, 2014

Write a review! Win an e-book! Look at those who won an e-book last week!

Last week I asked you to write some reviews of recipes on the blog - click here to see that post - and review you did! You wrote so many good reviews and put so much time into them, I couldn't do a random draw and leave anyone out of winning an e-book. So you all get an e-book of your choice.

I feel a little like Oprah although I can't be as generous. "You get an e-book. And you get an e-book. And you get an e-book!" I wish I could give away cars...that would be awesome.

So if you see your name below, please write to me at and let me know which of the e-books you want. If you have them all, then let me know if you want a copy of the soon-to-be finished facial products e-book!

Thanks Bridget for this review of the cream cleanser for dry skin! 
Thanks to Lynae for this review of the foot lotion! 
Thanks to Lisa for this review of Creating a basic lotion! 
Thanks to Elizabeth for her review of the lotion bars! 
Thanks to Paige for her review of using Lotionpro 165 in a body butter! 
Thanks to cest cheese (great name!) for this review of body butter creams! 
Thanks to Angie for this review of the solid conditioner bars! 
Thanks to Bonnie for her review of the Lush duplicate Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub
Thanks to Heather for her review of conditioner

Oops! I forgot a few!!!
Thanks to Candace for her review of Formulating for Dry skin: Adapting the basic recipe (part two)! 
Thanks to Elizabeth for the review of the cuticle balm! 
Thanks to Ann for her review of the oil free moisturizer!

Thanks again! And don't forget to put your reviews in over the next week to be entered for a random draw next Saturday!


MJ said...

I've been very excited about your website and today I made a cream based on one of your recipes. It came out sticky almost like I put honey in it.

It has 25% water
25%aloe vera
15%hydrosol protein
2% sodium lactate
5% macademia oil
2%cetyl alcohol
3%avacado oil
0.5%chamomile extract
3%skin tightener
2%watermelon extract
3%tripeptide 5
0.5% vitamin a
1%vitamin e
1%Perservative neodefend

Please if you could help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi MJ. I see you are using "15% hydrosol protein". Do you mean hydrolyzed protein? If so, that's a lot - way too much! - and I would suggest bringing that down to 2% or so. I think that's your main problem. That is just too high! As well, 25% aloe vera can feel sticky. Bring that down to 10% or so. Try those changes and see what you think!

Brandi Yates said...

ahh I missed this. I just want to share that your summer leave in conditioner has been my family's favorite. My mom's review: "My hair is thick, course and frizzy. I have been using this product for 3 days and my hair is completely frizz free. I use it along with my other hair products and I feel like I have finally found something that really works. LOVE"

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Brandy! You didn't miss it! I'm asking for more reviews with a draw for e-books every Saturday! So find the post and write that review!