Sunday, August 31, 2014

Please share your thoughts about the upcoming facial products e-book!

IT'S HERE! Check out this post to learn more about how to donate to get a copy of this e-book

I've been working for a while on the new facial products e-book, and the delay is that I'm not sure what you want to see. It's not as easy to write as the lotion making e-books were because there are so many different ingredients to use in many different products, more on par with writing the hair care e-book than the others.

So I turn to you, my wonderful readers. Here's a short breakdown of what I am including in the e-book and what I'm debating. I'm asking you to take a moment to share your thoughts! I'll be offering a copy of the new facial products e-book to two random commenters!

In the e-book I will definitely include the following recipe sections...

  • Facial moisturizers
  • Facial serums
  • Oil cleansing method
  • Dry clay masks
  • Facial scrubs - oil based, emulsified, surfactant, and clay
  • Toners
  • Eye shadow primer
  • Eye products - gels and oily gels
  • Acne products
  • Cleansers - surfactants, foamer bottles, cream, oil, surfactant, and low surfactant

The question I have is more about the ingredient lists. So far I have very detailed sections about cosmeceuticals, extracts and hydrosols, emulsifiers, essential oils, and humectants. I have summaries for surfactants, oils and butters, proteins, cationic polymers, and thickeners. I have included links for all the ingredients to their entries on the blog.

As of today, the e-book is more than 300 pages with about 150 pages devoted to skin chemistry, skin types, and ingredients, with 150 pages containing many many recipes.

Here are the questions I'm asking of you...

  • Do you want it to be a larger book with details of each and every oil? Or do I cover that enough on the blog or in other e-books? (With the oils, we're looking at over 400 pages!) 
  • Do you want more information about surfactants? Or do I cover that enough on the blog or in other e-books? 
  • Would you like to have the option to get just a shorter section of the e-book - for instance, facial moisturizers or facial scrubs and cleansers? - or should it be an all-in-one?
  • What other recipes am I missing? 

Thanks in advance to everyone who shares an opinion. I'm so close to being done - I just want to make sure I'm offering you what you want!


Sue said...

Hi Susan,

I'm so excited that your Facial ebook is almost here, absolutely can't wait!!!! I think you're covering loads that will be helpful to us all, and me personally I would like a complete version with the oils in it again, as I find myself jumping from one book to another to find certain information, and it sends me nuts sometimes. As for the surfactants, again I would like them all in one place, as I tend to make more of the facial products than body products.

I think any information you choose for the book will help us all to make better products, and for me if skin types and what's good for each of them, and how to use and add cosmeceuticals, and how to troubleshoot when things go wrong are included, I'll be a very happy formulator!

I look forward to the launch of the ebook, and I thank you again for helping us with your knowledge and your willingness to share - THANK YOU!


sandy said...

I agree with everything Sue mentioned. If possible I would also love information on making a liquid moisturizing lip gloss.
Thank you

flowerpower said...

I love all that you create you are amazing I would cherish and use any eBook you purplish. my focus at this time is on anti aging serums and moisturizer's as well as firming actives.
thank you for all the wonderful info you post.

Birgit said...

Very excited about your upcoming facial book. I noticed you had products for eyes but not for lips. And you probably don't want to get into the whole make-up business in this book, but how about ideas about making a few simple tinted options for your face - lip balm that could be tinted, and also used on cheeks etc.? Possibly tinting lotion for creamy blush or bronzer? (I have not done any make up myself yet, so I may be suggesting impossible things (in case there is no "simple easy" way to make the changes I recommended. In that case, ignore everything I said and keep up the good work). About adding oils and surfactants again to the book - I find it unnecessary, as you have already beautiful PDF-s on the topics available (I go back to them over and over again).
All the best,

Jackie said...

HI Susan,

What about a section on anti aging products -for example eye creams that help with wrinkles. I've tried making some and it seems that most aren't very effective but there are a few.

I don't need the oils or the surfactants since that has been covered well in your blogs and your other ebooks.

It sounds like a wonderful book. Thank you for sharing all your experience and expertise in this area.


Brandi Yates said...

Can you include information about vitamin c serum like this:

I was told by an esthetician it would improve dark spots, scars, and hyperpigmentation. That bottle is $100!

Sharon Wilson said...

Hi Susan,

It sounds so wonderful.
If you were to do separate sections then it's easier to have the info all in one place and to pick and choose.
Personally I'd buy the full E-book and I think it's also important for the skin chemistry to be a big part too.
Good luck with it.

Winnie Stekelenburg said...

Hi Susan,

I think you're pretty complete with the content. What you suggest about giving the choice of a shorter version without make-up sounds good!
What I would like to see is more information about eye-cream/gel, day-gelcream, like Jackie suggested: anti-wrinkle, foaming facial cleanser (info about the right surfactants wòuld be handy as all info is in one place), luxury serums, luxury nightcream.
A long list but basically the special things. The basics a there now the special things, that's what I would like! Oh and more for dehydrated/mixed skin, as that is what I have.

Bye for now, Winnie

melian1 said...

ok, here goes:
Do you want it to be a larger book with details of each and every oil? Or do I cover that enough on the blog or in other e-books? (With the oils, we're looking at over 400 pages!)
absolutely i'd like the larger book rather than simply links to elsewhere. for a few reasons. first, i like to print your books so i can peruse them at my leisure - i'm not a fan of sitting for hours in front of the computer, reading. i read in the check out lines i stand in, lying on my bed, sitting in my favorite chair... i like to scribble notes on the margins, underline, highlight, etc. i realize that those with a tablet or ipad may disagree.
second, links can disappear while a book i've got saved to my computer will stay the same thru the years and decades. perhaps i'm older-fashioned in that thinking, but so many times it has happened to me when i'm reading something from the dish, for example, and try to click a link and it is gone.
longer books don't worry me, i don't require a condensed sound-bite version. i'm happy when i've got lots of information, details, facts, particulars and fine points. i feel this is of particular importance in a book such as this when the entire skin-feel of a cream or lotion is changed by simply changing the oil used. small things make huge differences. detailed information is vital.
finally, your books are going to prove out to be major reference books in the cosmetics field, and i think having them full and complete in and of themselves will be very valuable.

Do you want more information about surfactants? Or do I cover that enough on the blog or in other e-books?
you do a great job on surfactants in a couple of other books, so i don't really see the need to do it all over again in this one.

Would you like to have the option to get just a shorter section of the e-book - for instance, facial moisturizers or facial scrubs and cleansers? - or should it be an all-in-one?
i think that keeping all the facial information together is a good idea. i see the appeal of having sections available, especially for folks with very tight budgets, and yet, trying to split up a reference book may end up your having to write a handful of smaller books. say i get the section on facial moisturizers. how can i consider that a complete book if i don't also have the information on oils, emulsifiers, etc, which would be in the larger version? see what i mean? so my opinion is to keep it all together, even tho i'm one of those with a really tight budget that will have to save up to get the book.

What other recipes am I missing?
except for lip balms and lip gloss, i think you've covered them. the various specialties like anti-aging, whitening and lightening, and so on, will be handled with the cosmeceuticals, i think, and essential oils and so on. i think you've got it all.

Heather Behan said...

Hi Susan,

As a relative newbie and starting to be aware that certain ingredients shouldn't be used with others (i.e. to mix cyclomethicone and a fragrance oil, the oil would need to be silicone-compatible), would it be feasible to make a list of these? I'm fairly happy with tweaking your recipes, but to branch out and try to do my own formulating I'd need to know what I was doing! I realise this sort of knowledge may be more a matter of more learning and experimentation on our parts, but was just wondering if there were some obvious no-nos that could be listed.

Regarding one of your questions, for me, the more info in one place the better!

I do so appreciate all the wonderful information you provide on your blog and I look forward to purchasing your new e-book.


Yvon said...

Dear Susan,

Thank you for all your effort and time you have put in your blog and e-books. It is great to see someone like you share their knowledge and enjoy it while doing so. I hope you will keep up the work; I get all my education and formulating fun from you.
After reading and following you for some time, your demand for suggestions on your newest e-book made me want to contribute to your work. I haven't bought an e-book yet, but this one I'm really interested in. So here are my suggestions:

- A quick summary of all the ingredients (with just a few (main) properties per ingredient named), grouped for use per skin type. If you can fit that on one page it can be a quick reference guide as a reminder. Maybe you can even extend it to one page per phase (water phase, oil phase and cool-down phase).
- For formulating from scratch: The basic recipes (60%, 70% and 80% water). Maybe next to the aforementioned quick reference guide.
- Products for older skin, wrinkled skin and very dry skin (although something tells me you've already put that in).
- About the information on oils and surfactants; Sue had a good point that jumping from one book (or blog segment) to another can be time-consuming or drive people nuts. I would like to get a larger book with details on each oil as well.
- Personally I don't need the option for a shorter section of the e-book; I want it ALL.
- And finally I have to agree with Sue again, that a small troubleshoot section and a small ground rule section on adding or removing ingredients would be very very helpful.

I hope my suggestions are of use to you and I am looking forward to your e-book.

Kind regards,


Susanna Originals said...

Hi Susan,
Another relative beginner but the ebook I already purchased from you has been a great help. I've been experimenting with a facial cream for aging (aged!) skin using your 100% rule and instructions for mixing and heating and holding. Here's what I have found working with your book and your blog:
You use a great number of ingredients I have never heard of, and can't find at my supplier. I use the search function on your blog to find substitutes and end up checking links for an hour and still don't always find the answer. I have a printed list of the carrier oils and EOs and their properties so don't need that but a list of other ingredients and substitutes would be invaluable to me. Just for instance, I purchased some cetearyl alcohol because you recommend it in several recipes and found out when I ordered more polawax that it is one of the ingredients. I have a lot of stuff on hand and would rather use it than sell my soul to New Directions getting thickeners, surfactants or emulsifiers I don't need because I can substitute. Sorry for such a long post but it's important to me. I have absolutely no interest in making make-up and would be thrilled if THAT was in a separate book. And other than some rather humorous issues with sea buckthorn, my 65 year old face feels like a baby's bum!

Lauren said...

Hi Susan! I think if you are going to add more info, more on specific oils would be more appreciated for me personally. That's what I look up most on your blog and love all the info on them.

Someone else mentioned a section on tinted lip products, and could I just request (be it in your book or blog) a recipe that tints with alkanet root? All the recipes I've found use volume measurements.


Lisa Reidzans Schmock said...

Can't wait for the finished Facial e-book! It looks to me like you are pretty complete in what you are covering. I wouldn't add a section on oils and surfactants, you already cover that information in other books and the blog.

I'd prefer the full book, all the facial stuff in one!

For me personally, I hope there is a section for older dry/combination skin with acne and slight wrinkles! Lip scrubs would be a good addition too if it's not included.

I like Yvon's suggestion of "A quick summary of all the ingredients (with just a few (main) properties per ingredient named), grouped for use per skin type".

Again, it looks like you cover most everything.

So excited for the e-book. Can't wait! Thank you so much for all the work you put into the e-books and the blog. You do such an amazing job!

Claire said...

I'd like to see recipes for balm cleanser, or hybrid balm+clay cleanser (the type that without surfactant and wipe-off, but also there's the type that can be emulsified with water before wipe-off with flannel/towel -- again, non-surfactant base).

So very excited. A new reader here and looking forward to the e-book.


Lauren said...

Also, have you thought of publishing it in Real Life Book format through an print-on-demand book publisher like Lulu or CreateSpace? I know I for one would love to have a physical book to hold and flip through rather than an ebook.

Diva Soap said...

I've read so many great ideas here, so I believe you're overwhelmed by now! However, as for oils and other charts, I'd like to see all of these gathered into one book, rather than leaving them out.
Also, I share and support everyone's idea of getting to know better antiaging factors and combining them best to fight our age marks!
Thanks again for eerything you do! Can't wait to see the new book!

Nancy C said...

Thank you for all the information you provide us. I would prefer to have everything in one big book. The information may be on the blog site, but I get frustrated reading everything on a topic in several blogs. (Not complaining, there is a lot of wonderful information that I want to read)

I would like to see the following: ** anti-aging ingredients for additives to the facial creams,
** ingredients creams for the neck area to help eliminate the lines and rough skin texture,
** ingredients for lip products for fine lines and moisture
** I know you have a favorite facial primer recipe, but it would be nice to have it included in book too.

I believe anything you include will help us make more effective products and provide us the understanding necessary for improving our products.

Again, thank you for sharing all the knowledge you have. I have learned so much from you.


Lc ... said...

I am looking forward for your e-book.I really love your blog post, I read it and sometimes I re-read it. it's very educating.

Evie said...

Really excited for this! I think you could definitely leave out the stuff on oils and butters and probably surfactants, as it's covered in so much depth on your blog and there's the free pdf on oils. Personally I'd love to see some treatments such as anti-blemish serums, a concentrated spot treatment and rinse-off cleansers that don't involve surfactants (solubilising oil cleansers, clay cleansers and cream cleansers that rinse off clean. Facial gel recipes and things like that would also be welcome. Thank you so much for all your wonderful inspiration- my only complaint is the amount that reading your blog makes me spend on ingredients!

Gillian said...

Love, love , love this idea! You are so knowledgeable and generous with your time and knowledge. I like the idea of one book, though I can see the value in selling chapters, with an all-in-one at a special price. I don't think you need to include more info on the ingredients, like oils and surfactants, since you do have so much detail online anyway. I like the idea of more info on cosmeceuticals, since they do distinguish a more expensive facial product.

What I would like to see is more info on some of the newer preservatives. I've not been happy with the ferments -- for the first time ever, I've been getting mold.

Ohh, several people have mentioned lip glosses... how about something on natural colorants for face color? Stains versus surface colors?

I know we'll all love whatever you do... how long do we have to wait???

Diva Soap said...

Acctually, I just thought of an issue that has been bothering me for a while.
If we say one oil is light, easily absorbed, with anti-aging properites....etc(macadamia, argan, rosehip, jojoba...), where is the difference among them, or are they all with the same make up? Other than experimenting, what can be used to choose / eliminate one oil over another with the same benefits?

Carrie said...

Super excited about the Facial ebook....great idea! I have the lotion and the hair care books, so wouldn't personally need the info on all the oils. And I know it would be more trouble for you, but it might be nice to offer some smaller sections (facial moisturizers, toners, etc) individually in addition to offering the entire ebook. That way people can pick and choose what will be most useful to them. I don't know a whole lot about surfactants, so a section on them would be advantageous. thanks for all the time, research, and energy you put into providing quality materials such as these!

Clive said...

OK. 1. Gels. I think this is a growing and new market and not just eye-gels but face anti-wrinkle treatments too.
2. Ingredients: sebaryl, firmiderm, etc. like to see more about this area.

Dawn said...

I agree with the many who have said an all-in-one would really be nice!

Lucy said...

Hi Susan,
Like the others I am very excited that your Facial book is almost here. It is going to be very hard to please all of us but here are comments from my perspective....

Being from Oz the number of suppliers and range of ingredients is severely limited. Added to this suppliers seem to be much less forthcoming with ingredient info -- I think they are more interested in selling their pre-made bases than the raw ingredients.

So for me a detailed discussion on the raw ingredients would be fantastic. At least that way I could start to make a guess as to what substitutes may be workable.

I look forward to the book launch & really appreciate the time & effort you put in to helping us all on this fantastic journey we are on.


SkinnyB*tch said...

i think it will be great to be able to purchase one or multiple sections by product category like you mentioned in your post:-)

i am also interested in knowing how to formulate a clay cleanser somewhat like this

Tammy K. said...

Are preservatives well covered in this or one of your other e-books? That would be one of the things I struggle with personally. It looks like I've been missing out as I didn't realize you had e-books available! Will definitely be checking them out.

d.anaya said...

Hi Susan... thank you for allowing us to provide our 2 cents worth... :-)

Here are the questions I'm asking of you...

Do you want it to be a larger book with details of each and every oil? Or do I cover that enough on the blog or in other e-books? (With the oils, we're looking at over 400 pages!)

Answer: I would definitely like to see it be a very comprehensive booklet so I don't have to go to the blog I can get all my info. from the booklet if I need it.

Do you want more information about surfactants? Or do I cover that enough on the blog or in other e-books?

Answer: Yes more info. is always good for us novices.

Would you like to have the option to get just a shorter section of the e-book - for instance, facial moisturizers or facial scrubs and cleansers? - or should it be an all-in-one?

Answer: I like the idea of All in One informational booklet.

What other recipes am I missing?

Answer: I thought of 2 items not sure they apply but I will list them.
1. A skin lightner serum
2. A foundation primer

If I think of anymore I will certainly list them. Again, thank you so much for allowing us to comment.

Sarah said...

Hi Susan, So excited to see another book, but very conscious of the huge amount of time you must have already put into preparing it. I know we all thank you sincerely for your hard work and dedication.

Definitely the full size book but I really don't think the surfactant info is necessary - you already wrote a whole book devoted to it and they can buy it easily enough and help with the donations to your group.

The list you cover is extensive but gels are popular, facial primers are hot items and little info available still for most people on natural skin lightening/ pigmentation products. Warming and cooling face masks are still very mysterious and with over 50% of the population being over 65, anything to do with anti ageing has to be a hit.

Thank you again

Zan said...

Hi Susan,

I'm pretty sure many of us agree with the full size book rather than smaller sections. I'd like to add to that statistic so that you can make your decision. Thank you so much for spending so much time and effort for the e-book. Looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

I am excited about your new upcoming book. Full size, much info! The more information the better. I have all your books. I have printed them out and each has it's own binder. I interested in incorporating gelling agents, gums Gelling Agents, Rheology Modifiers, Polymers into moisturizing lotion. Whatever you decided I know I'll love the book as much as I love your others. Thanks for all you do!
Karen S.

LSG said...

I would like to see a skin lightening formula.

Simone said...

Hi Susan,
I am really looking forward to your Facial ebook and as Sue says 'any information you choose for the book will help us all to make better products'.
Melian1 says most of what I would like to say. I, too, like to have a printed version as a complete reference book. And like Lisa I would prefer an All-in-One book. For me Surfactants have been well covered in your other ebook and the blog.
Nancy C would like to see '..creams for the neck area.." I second that and with Clive who mentions Gels, these are also a major interest to me.
A trouble shooting section and a possible list of ingredient mix no-nos as mentioned by Sue and Heather Behan.
Shorter sections would be helpful to those who want to specialise in one area without the expense of having to purchase a lot of information they may not think they will use.
And finally the impossible: a section for substitutes emphasising those that make a noticeable difference in the skin feel of the finished product.
Good luck and thank you.

Chaeya said...

I'd be happy with a larger book with as much as detail as possible. I have your other books and I do read them and highlight and tab sections that have been important to me. Like was stated above, it's better to not have to have two or three books open in front of you while researching (something I've done in the past, but not so much with your information), or flipping between websites.

I don't care about make up so much and just my opinion, I care only for the skincare and chemistry aspects thereto. Perhaps making the makeup section a different book? Just my two cents.

introvertitude said...

I'm in the "put it all in one book" camp.

A couple of other thoughts:

1) How about details of the best carrier /base for each active (e.g. Vitamin C, niacinamide, resveratrol, ferulic acid, kinetin, idebenone, etc ) and effective pH ranges?

2) Workarounds for those of us who break out from fatty alcohols

Can't wait for this book!

melian1 said...

i was just reading thru the comments to see what everyone else was saying and one person mentioned troubleshooting. i would LOVE to see a troubleshooting section, or even a whole book on it. lotions, gels, body washes, etc all can fail but they don't have the same reasons. and a fail can have one of several reasons in each category. a book on how to figure out where we went wrong would be fabulous. something that would tell us things like cationic emulsifiers like btms don't play well with optiphen preservative (tho i have no idea why it wouldn't and the chemistry involved would be very interesting). this doesn't have to do with the facial book directly, because i'm thinking that if you covered all the various categories and had a section in there on how to go about diagnosing the problem, it would pretty much have to be a whole book on its own i would think.

please consider doing this!

Paige B said...


I definitely would prefer an all-in-one book.

I like the idea of having a complete reference for oils and butters, although as you've already done some previously, maybe you could add some exotic oils you haven't done before? Or at least maybe consider that for the future.

As it is an e-book, I think just using links in cases of information that you have covered in depth before would be ok.

One product I make, which I would be interested to see your take on/recipe for is a BB/CC cream. I don't wear a lot of makeup, so I make my daytime moisturizer with tint and light coverage. Plus, I use ingredients specifically with properties that counteract negative effects of sun exposure. Anti-oxidants, cell regeneratives, etc. If you are interested, I would be happy to send you the recipe I've developed thus far.

Looking forward to this ebook!

Anna said...

Hi Susan,

I am also very exited about this new ebook of yours.

I would like an all-in-one book, with as much information as possible.

I would also like lots of detailed comparison charts for ingredients like plant extracts, humectants and esters.

If I, for example, am having a hard time finding the ingredient Quercetin close to Sweden it would be very, very helpful if I could browse through a comparison chart of plant extracts and see which extract holds the highest amount of quercetin and order that instead. And it would also help with formulating a facial product in a "balanced" way.

But I will of course be very satisfied with the book however it turns out.

Thanks and good luck!

Lucy Townsend said...

Hi Susan,
I've bought most of your other ebooks and so oils are well covered already i think..unless there are any new ones on the market. You could split the book in 2 ie into basics (cleansers/ Toners/moisturisers/ serums) and then masks and products for different parts of the face e.g. eyes. Looking forward to reading the book, nest of luck with it. Best regards Lucy

Michele said...

Definitely more is more!!! I also agree with the anti-aging creams. Could I add one other thing? I'd really love a special face cream for those with very dry and sensitive skin, hydrating but not goop that can be worn under makeup. Post-peel or those undergoing radiation where skin is really delicate and parched. To that end, an alcohol/witch hazel free toner with moisturizing goodies. I love Jane Iredale's Pommist. Just sayin'. Thank you so much!!!!!

S. Lozon said...

I think oils are covered well in posts and in your other books, so they do not have to be repeated here.
What I would like to see in the facial cleansers section of your much awaited book is cream cleansers. I can find oil method cleansers on your posts and all over the internet. i can find cleansers that are totally water based — or that have an essential oil solubilized in them — but I can find only a handful of formulas for cream cleansers.
I love the fact you are putting in an eye shadow primer. I hope you are including one that doesn't pull when applied to delicate, aging skin.
Thank you for all of effort, time and expertise!

Susan L. from Upstate New York

Steven J DeCesare Jr said...

I think the contents look great!

Gels, especially SKB, Seamollient, and Hyaluronic Acid are really big right now, as well as pretty amazing ingredients. From your other books, you don't really use them. Maybe look into their use future recipes?

Steven J DeCesare Jr said...

And I just want to add, makeup should be left for a separate book, as it is a totally different field of study, and I don't care to learn about it. It would also be more than enough information for a separate book entirely, instead of just scratching the surface in this new book.

pat bortolin said...

Hi Susan, WOW!!! I just finished reading your new e-book. Formulating Facial Products has an incredible amount of info., all you need to master great home products at a fraction of the price, the content has so much to offer including; skin chemistry, skin types/conditions and fantastic recipes (for all seasons). The ingredients you include are lovely and nourishing and make me want to try them all! I love how well organized and how well you explain everything in this book, it's easy to understand, however, if I were to add anything in this book it would be a better introduction with a pic of you and maybe your husband and dog along with an explanation of your intentions or dedications as a result of the book, also, at the back of the book a number of recent pics showcasing the kids at their best,this would make it very personal and close to the heart. Well Susan, here's to a job well done! Many Thanks Pat

Hina said...

Hi Susan,

I am a newbie here, been read all the newbie section, now feels ready to embark on the journey of making lotion for dry skin.I would love to see section of Toners containing acids e.g malic acid, lactic acid etc. There is a very famous P50 lotion by Biologique Recherche.My quest to formulate/duplicate their toner led me to your blog and I am absolutley loving it. Would love to have your e-book once its released.


Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thank you so very very much for your kind words and suggestions about the e-book. I think we have the final version done and ready to go! I worked out what I hope are the final hurdles over the last few days. The e-book is massive - 400 pages!!! - and we had to figure out how to compress it without losing the ability to search, ruining the picture quality, or de-activating the links, which we've finally figured out! I just have to figure out how to make a nice looking first page...Darn, I wish I was more visually inclined!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful suggestions! The e-book is ready! Click here to learn how you can donate to get a copy of the facial products e-book and update charts!

Rivergirl said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
I finally got some down time and used it to start reading your facial ebook. Its perfect reading material for a lazy day spent in pajamas.
So much good information.
Thank you for giving your time to create this for your readers.
I'm really enjoying it.
-Beth D.

Melanie said...

I love charts! Could you make a huge table with all the oils and their attributes/properties in a table including skin feels and shelf life? Cosmeceuticals too! I would love to post that in my lab for quick reference!
Also, how about a men's section? Shaving products of course but also cosmeceuticals. Most men won't buy a wrinkle cream but if you put some in their after shave, they aren't going to complain are they! How can we "sneak" stuff in without making them feel they are putting on a bunch of "snake oil" as my hubby calls it?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Beth! I'm so happy you're reading the e-book and liking it! If you have any suggestions for the next e-book, please let me know!

Hi Melanie! Have you seen the oil charts I have written up in the emollients section of the blog? Have you seen the section on men's products?

electrikat65 said...

Well have you ever made or plan to make face primers or is your eye primer ok for the whole face too? I have been pouring over your entire blog for the last week or so. My co-workers are probably sick of my 'creations' that I am forcing on them. Must have guinee pigs. Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi electrikat65! You could use the eye primer on your entire face if you wished. I haven't made a facial primer as I haven't had anyone ask for one. Is there one that you like? If so, can you send me a link to it that contains the complete ingredient list. Thanks!

And your co-workers are lucky to have someone like you who wants to share!

stella said...

HI, I checked the index and didn't see any recipes for dry clay masks. Did u include them in this ebook?

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Stella! No, I don't have any dry clay masks in the e-book, but there will be some on the blog and in the new facial products e-book (although that will be a while coming...)