Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A few things for an overly warm July morning...

If you ever consider getting me a present - and why wouldn't you? - this periodic table of the elements blanket would be just perfect! How is this only $30? And if you're really in the mood to get me a present, consider this lovely atomic necklace! Yeah, I'm subtle! (ThinkGeek)

To everyone who keeps asking about hyaluronic acid sera, unfortunately, formulating with HA isn't in my future. It's really expensive stuff - $15 for 5 grams - so I haven't had a chance to play with it. I think I've mentioned this before, but I buy everything I play with from my wages (unless otherwise noted), so if I want hyaluronic acid, I have to buy it, and it's not something I can afford right now.

Having said that, I have so many interesting things I can play with, which you'll be seeing over the coming weeks! I have a four day weekend this weekend - thank you, BC Day! - so if the weather isn't super hot, I'll be able to get into the workshop and do some playing! Woo!

Check out this fantastic video about chemical reactions! I thought it was simply fascinating!


Clive said...

About 1/3 of the price, Hyalurosmooth can be used (Cassia Angustifolia extract)

Elizabeth Aqui-Seto said...

Susan, yeah, that hyaluronic acid is very pricey but a little goes a long way. I made a serum with HA and Neroli floral water. It was a simple and lovely recipe. Hey, I was hoping that Lotioncrafter would send you (gratis) a small 5g package for testing :-)

You're right though. There are many other wonderful ingredients to work with.

Susan Lozon said...

What, no Quantum atomic model necklace? Actually, the necklace is very pretty. I have used the UMLW Hyaluronic Acid from Lotioncrafter and have been pleased with the results.

Elizabeth Aqui-Seto said...

Susan, I've got another suggestion for a recipe incorporating cucumber extract and perhaps green tea extract to create a cream deodorant.

I have yet to find an all natural deod. that I like. I should really be using an anti-perspirant to address the wetness, but nothing works unless its got aluminum, which I won't use.

Thank you.

Steven J DeCesare Jr said...

Hi there, your site is wonderful! In fact I just donated for 2 of your books. I think they will be absolutely perfect for me. has Hyaluronic Acid for $15 for 10grams. Food grade too!

Steve Decesare Jr