Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Wonderings: Game of Thrones themed products

In this post, I'm still around, Royce poses this question: I'm a Game of Thrones geek myself, and also a home-brewer. A few weeks ago I created a new beer recipe that was my interpretation of what would be brewed at the wall for Jon Snow and the rest of the Night's Watch. It was a porter-like beer with debittered roasted wheat and dried tangerine peel, since those exotic kind of ingredients might find their way up to the wall along side fresh recruits. Maybe you're not a geeky as me, but if you were to craft a Game of Thrones inspired skin care product, what would it be? What lotion would Daenerys use? What shampoo would Sansa use?

You insult me, ser! "Maybe you're not as geeky as me..." I am the mother of geeks! (And your beer sounds awesome!)

I have made some Game of Thrones related crafts, like my A Song of Ice and Fire eye shadows - my favourite is still Winter is Coming - and my bracelet, which you can see above. This lip balm is called Hodor, but it can be used as a perfume stick for the Odour of Hodor.

So what kind of products would our favourite characters use? I thnk Daenerys might enjoy a mare's milk bath or anything with tons of sunscreen, which she could share with the Martell family in Dorne. Margery and Ser Loras might like some floral scented perfume sticks or fragrance sprays to remind them of their home in Highgarden. Brienne might enjoy something that helps with the chafing that must be happening with all that heavy armour. Jon Snow and his brothers in the Night's Watch might like some intense conditioner with coconut oil and a facial moisturizer with all three occlusive ingredients - dimethicone, cocoa butter, and allantoin - to protect their faces from the wind and snow beyond or at the Wall. Arya might not appreciate the offer of a degreasing shampoo and detangling conditioner after a long day of riding with the Hound, but I think her sister, Sansa, would love some really bubbly bubble bath and fairy dust. I think little Shereen Baratheon could benefit from a softening lotion with loads of shea butter and Vitamin E to help her with that greyscale. And little Rickon might enjoy Rickon's Smashed Walnut Exfoliating Scrub after a long day of walking or being carried by Osha.

What products could you see your favourite show's characters enjoying? I've been thinking about all kinds of products characters from Buffy or Firefly might enjoy! Share your thoughts! 

As much as I love the show, I have to admit that I haven't been able to watch the last five episodes of last season. I've read the books. I surf the 'net. I know what's coming and I haven't been ready to face it! So today I gathered up some lemon cookies and (root) beer and I'm spending the day with Raymond watching the rest of season 3. I will try not to weep like a little girl!  Greywind!

As an aside, you're interested in some Game of Thrones themed music, check out Blind Guardian's album At the Edge of Time for War of the Thrones and Voice in the Dark. Other bands have related songs, like Hammerfall, but these two are my favourites! 


Allison S said...

So. . . not a comment on any shows, but rather on Beer. And a question. My husband brews beer and he uses a sanitizer for all utensils, bottles, kettles, anything that the beer will touch. Obviously, just like lotions or products we use, beer needs the best and cleanest start it can get so that it will not be contaminated as it brews over the course of weeks or months. This sanitizer does not need to be washed off, you just let it dry on the object and then you are good to go. Can I use this to sanitize my utensils and containers for lotion making? It is specifically for use on food processing equipment and brewery equipment, and is called Star San "Acid Sanitizer for Surface Sanitation". You dilute the acid 1 oz. to 5 gallons of water.


Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid 15%
Phosphoric Acid 50 %
Inert ingredients 35%

What do you think Susan? Thanks, and as ever I love your blog.


Allison S.

C Williams said...

I just watched the latest episode last night. And Sansa would TOTALLY love bubble baths haha. Nice to run into a place where geek meets cosmetics!

Anonymous said...

The Hound could really use a nice exfoliating facial scrub and something to help with the burn scars. That poor guy.
Beth D.

Claire said...

still chuckling over odour of hodor. Thank you for that.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

HI Allison. Sounds interesting. If it's suitable for food, it sounds like it would be suitable for our needs!

Hi Beth! Great suggestion! I was thinking of some kind of softening and moisturizing heavy cream for the Hound! What do you think, oh mistress of really cool extracts and actives? What could help with some serious softening?

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan
Something containing organic Cocoa Butter for The Hound. I think the smell would make him feel happy. I would go with Pumpkin Seed Oil and I would add Allantoin as well for barrier protection. I would use Ritamulse and Cetyl Alcohol as well. Hey wait a minute - isn't that a recipe I got from your blog?
As for the extracts Chamomile and Calendula. For the water phase I would use a Carrot Seed Hydrosol - which I just love or Witch Hazel (non-alcohol base).
I would maybe add Multifruit Extract and Salicylic Acid.
Then I would turn my attention to making a conditioner for his hair.
Beth D.

Danielle Martin said...

Hodor, hodor hodor. Hodor! :)

Teresa Dunn said...

Yeah I love Game of Thrones! Got my Hand of the king pin today, pin are a little smaller than one would expect, but still awesome. Also, could use a second pin point - it's a bit floppy.

Teresa Dunn said...

Yeah I love Game of Thrones! Got my Hand of the king pin today, pin are a little smaller than one would expect, but still awesome. Also, could use a second pin point - it's a bit floppy.