Monday, February 10, 2014

Quick point of interest...

Raymond and I have been away since last Wednesday, so it'll take me some time to get through your messages and comments. I'm off work a few more days, which means I'll have some time Tuesday and Wednesday to do what I can. (Although I need some serious workshop time as well!)

I really appreciate your enthusiasm, but sending me the same e-mail over and over again or posting the same comment in different sections of the blog isn't going to make me answer your question quicker. I answer e-mail and comments in the order they were received, and I generally don't have time to respond until the rare evening I have off or the weekend.

Please don't think me unfriendly! I love receiving email from you, hearing your thoughts and questions, hearing about your successes and failures, and generally hearing your feedback on the blog or your products, so keep them coming! Just please understand that I can only do what I can do in the time I have.

If you are a business, please note that I do not have time to consult for you, paid or unpaid. But thank you for thinking of me: It's quite the compliment.

If you have written to me and haven't received an answer, please be patient. While you're waiting, why not check out some of the areas of the blog that might contain the answer to your question? The FAQ contains the most frequently asked questions, and I think you'd be surprised what you'll find in there, like questions about measuring, heating and holding, working with recipes, and so on. The hair care section contains tons of recipes for pretty much any shampoo or conditioner you could want to make, including instructions on how to do it. And the newbie section contains all kinds of starter recipes and tutorials.

I better get my bag unpacked and clothes in the laundry so I can get on with my day! I'm all nicely rested after five days on Pender Island surrounded by amazing scenery, great food, and my wonderful husband!


Anonymous said...

Hello Susan,
I apologize if i have asked the same question more than once. I know i am guilty of it, but i did not mean it. many times i do forget where i posted the question and when i run into that post the question pops up in my mind so i write it again or i realize that i wrote it in the wrong post. I am sorry, i did not mean to stalk you and thank you.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

I'm most definitely not talking about you, Rosi! You ask wonderful and interesting questions. Look at the last question you asked about expensive oils. It turned into a week long series with more to come. I always smile when I see your questions as they inspire me so much

PS Write to me directly at as I want to thank you for your inspiration with a free e-book of choice!

Anonymous said...

Well, i realize that some times i do ask the same questions maybe 2 times, sometimes i go back find the answer and post it that i found it. Anyway we all do mistakes and is good to recognize it apologize and move on. Ok, thank you so much.