Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope you're all enjoying the first day of 2014 surrounded by loved ones doing something awesome and eating something great! I'm still a little weak from that horrible flu-like thing I was enjoying over the last few days, but I'm having a lovely day with my family.

Thanks to everyone for your kind get-well-soon messages! All those positive thoughts worked very well! 

If you're short on resolutions this year, may I suggest one? Be more curious!

If you're wondering if you can add cetyl alcohol to a shampoo, try it! If you're wondering if you can add that extract to a lotion, try it. What's the worst that happens? The product might fail, but you've learned something really valuable. You've learned that the extract or fatty acid or thing-a-mie doesn't work and you won't do it again!

I know I go on and on about curiosity at times, but it really can lead you to new and wonderful places. Two weeks ago, Raymond and I celebrated 20 years of being a couple (4 1/2 years married), and if you had said I'd be obsessed with chemistry and Raymond would have a degree in psychology we would have laughed until we peed...but this is a result of following our curiosity.

Please don't hesitate to ask me about adding things to products and such, but really consider trying it out. You learn so much from trying things in your workshop!

My other resolutions? To do a little less this semester and spend more time with my family, to learn how to make small wooden things like shelves, to work on my singing lessons, and to learn how to silk screen with that Inkodye stuff I bought in the summer. There are other things on my goal list, but they're too boring to list here! 


Aljonor said...

I tried BTMS in my shampoo and like it very much. In doing so I found out what ingredients to put in first to avoid failure. In addition, I found out that if I use to much essential oil in my shampoo it loosen the viscosity. I am learning a lot from experimenting.

Ged said...

Susan - singing lessons - YES!! You will soon find them as necessary to your life as cosmetic making. And I know you probably don't have time to fit much more into your incredibly busy life, but if you do ... join a choir. Promotes longevity, lung and heart health, brain function and relaxation.

Happy New Year to you, and thanks for all you do!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Aljonor! Isn't experimenting a blast? I love being in the workshop and trying new things. (You'll see tons of new things coming up as I've been doing a lot of playing!)

Hi Ged! I love my singing lessons. I've taken them in the past, but I wasn't singing music I love, so I didn't feel that connected to it. But I've found a music teacher who loves the same kind of music I like (metal of all kinds), and he's teaching me techniques and songs I really love. As much fun as it sounds, choirs don't tend to sing the music I like and my voice is probably too low! It sounds like you love your choir! If you can find me one that does Iron Maiden, I'm in! :-)