Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What do you want to know? Ordering supplies - exotic things for lotions & hair care

In the What do you want to know post, Lynne asked me for my favourite speciality ingredients, so I thought I'd share my favourite fancy ingredients with you. I've had a hard time winnowing the list down to the five or six she suggested, which is why this post has taken me a week of thinking. I present you with my best efforts along with links to where you could buy them.

Babassu oil (body & facial care, hair care): I love love love this solid at room temperature oil. It feels really light and non-greasy on our skin, and you can feel the light coating on your skin for hours afterwards.

Find it at loads of suppliers!

Cetrimonium chloride (hair care): This cationic or positively charged liquid ingredient does wonders for detangling and softening hair at as little as 2% in a rinse off or leave in conditioner. It really does make the difference between brushing my hair by myself or asking my husband to give me a hand. Plus, the softening qualities are really nice.

Find it at The Personal Formulator 

Green tea extract, oil soluble (body and facial care): I love this version of green tea extract as I can add it to my anhydrous balms and whipped butter and get all of the goodness of the anti-oxidants

Find it at Brambleberry or Otion (retail shop).

Volumizing complex (hair care): This liquid complex is the perfect addition to my leave in conditioner, and I've noticed a really huge difference when I don't use it. My hair feels bouncier and my curls are softer but pronounced.

Find it at the Formulator Sample Shop

Chrysanthemum extract (body and facial care): I love this extract, also called feverfew extract, because it offers a ton of anti-inflammatory properties to my products. (It's supposed to be good for rosacea and rosacea prone skin, but that sounds like a medical claim to me, so I won't make it!)

Find it at Voyageur Soap & Candle

Polyquat 44 (body & facial care, hair care): I love this cationic polymer so much. It's used at lower levels than we would use other polyquats, and it doesn't cause build up on our hair.

Find it at The Personal Formulator.

Cera bellina (body & facial care): This is a modified version of beeswax we can use to create gels from oils and as a replacement for beeswax in lotions and any other creation. I really like it because it's not as thick feeling as beeswax and doesn't create such a waxy layer on our skin in lotions. It feels less greasy, and we can use it to reduce graininess in butters. (Click here for my oily gel recipe.)

Find it at Lotioncrafter or Brambleberry

And one that I'm just getting into is the Vital Hair & Scalp Complex I found at Voyageur Soap & Candle (hair care). I'm finding my scalp feels less greasy using it, but that could be the very dry weather we're having right now. I'm still testing it.

Quick note: I'm not affiliated with any of the companies I mention here, and I don't get any form of renumeration for mentioning them or their products. I'm sharing because I love these products! I have purchased all but the volumizing complex with my own money earned from my job, so I'm not beholden to anyone. I share my suppliers so you can find my favourite ingredients! 

What are your favourite must-have fancy or exotic ingredients? Share with your fellow crafters! And can you make suggestions for other suppliers?


Michael Baldwin said...

I have purchased cetrimonium chloride from Lotion Crafter, http://www.lotioncrafter.com/cetac-30.html. The price is much better than from the other place. If I am over stepping feel free to delete.

Alexis said...

Lately, I have been adding 4% lecithin to my hair conditioner and 0.5% to my shampoo. Makes my hair very shiny and, for an emollient, it is surprisingly none greasy. I also really like creatine in my shampoo and conditioner. It seems to reduce split ends and breakage more than panthenol alone. My hair is highlighted and I use flattening irons, curlers, etc.

Lynda said...


I am sooo happy to find this clear green tea extract as I really don't like the brown tinge the water based powders and liquid extracts leave in my lotions. BB doesn't provide use, storage, or shelf life info so I'm wondering if you have this info. I'm wondering if it can be heated (guessing not, that it should be added at cool down), and I wonder how long it will keep and how to store it. I also wonder what I should be aware of since this is oil based vs. water based. I can contact BB about this, and hope they'll tell me...and my hunch is that you have used this product and know the answers... At any rate, thanks so much for the blog, I appreciate your work and passion.


Ged said...

I've recently rather fallen in love with dicaprylyl carbonate (Cetiol CC) as a vegetable derived silicone substitute. I actually like the feel of it more than the silicones and I've used it together with Cetiol C5 (coco-caprylate) to make a really lovely "oil-free" moisturiser. It gives a really velvety touch to the skin and if I could find somewhere that, unlike at Aromazone, I could buy more than 100mls at a time, I'd use a lot more! Also, thank you, Susan, you've spurred me on to finally buy some babassu oil, which I've been meaning ot do for ages!