Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Wonderings (on Monday!): What's wrong with the search engine? Why did this separate?

I'm thisclose to being on holidays - I'm working for a bit today, then three weeks off work (although we're still doing our youth programs throughout the month) - so I zoned a bit and missed the weekend to do some wonderings. So I'm doing them today!

I'm really sorry that it's not working. I wish I could fix it, but there isn't anything I can do except bug the heck out of Google, and that hasn't resulted in anything yet! Please make sure you're using the search box on the right hand side of the blog, not the one on the upper left hand side of the blog because the one on the left is just awful!

I've followed LiseLise's suggestion that I remove and re-install the search bar. Those of you having trouble, please try it again and let me know if it works! 

In the What do you want to know: Using teas and infusions post, Diane asks: I only make 300 or 500 g in a batch and change up the ingredients or proportions each time. Recently I got a batch of emulsifying wax from Brambleberry and they described it as equivalent to Polawax. I have made two batches but neither time was the emulsion stable - my latest recipe is as follows. Am I using enough emulsifier? The Polawax did the job with similar ingredients.

H2O 84%
allantoin 1

Polawax BBrry 3.5
CaraBellina 1
Olive butter 4

Honeyquat 2.3
Germall + .7

It's a lovely consistency but I have to shake it up a couple of times before it mixes completely. In my previous recipe I used 3% Polawax BB and it didn't ever come together. I never had a problem with the brand name. Any advice would be appreciated. 

It's hard to make a rule when there are tons of different e-waxes, but if I've seen it mentioned that when you use a non-Polawax e-wax, increase the usage amount by 1%. Polawax is generally more stable than other e-waxes, so we can use smaller amounts than we do e-wax. (This isn't a slam against any company or any other e-wax!)

What can you do? Increase the generic e-wax by 1% and try the recipe again. As a note, the suggested usage rate for liquid Germall plus is 0.1% to 0.5%, you have it at 0.7%. You could reduce that! Let us know how it turns out!

Join me tomorrow for more formulating fun!


Diane said...

Thanks Susan, that's good info. I am admittedly a bit careless with the Germall, which is pretty thick, usually going for a "big blob" or a "little blob." I'll go for the little blob next time and I want to assure you I am more careful measuring the other ingredients.

By the way,a good resource for scales is Old Will Knott (I love that name). They have a huge selection and many are accurate to .1 gram and cost around $10.

Simone said...

Hi Susan,
I don't know if this is a problem for anyone else but the search engine on the right hand column of your blog doesn't work for me and hasn't for about a month, but strangely the search that you say isn't working at the top left is.
Regards and Happy Christmas to you and your families.

Lise M Andersen said...

Hi Susan - Have you tried deleting the search engine widget and then re-installing it? This may help.

have a great Christmas holiday.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Diane! Thanks for the information on the scales!

HI Simone! The search on the right hand side isn't working for some people, but I've just re-installed it, so maybe it will now? The one on the left hand side at the top is just awful and never worked!

Hi Lise! Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried it, so now I just have to wait for reports from users!

Danuta Kildan said...

The search bar stopped working for me about a months ago and as of today, still does not.
Thank you for trying to fix it. I think you need a 16 years old computer geek. They can fix everything:))

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Danuta. Have you tried the one on the right hand side in the last half hour? And I can't control any of this. It's a Blogger thing. Sigh...

I have a computer geek at home - my husband! He's amazing, but he can't do anything about it as it's a Blogger thing on their end!

Lise M Andersen said...

Hi Susan-- I just tried and it's still not working.. my only suggestion now is to maybe update your template, or make a small change somewhere in the template then save. Blogger has introduced quite a few new features (since responsive design became the rage) - maybe if you have been using the same template with no changes for a while, the widget can't 'hook into your old template' properly. Sorry, I'm only a semi-geek when it comes to computer stuff, but maybe your guy will be able to judge if this could be an option worth trying..

I'm happy to test for you on this end if you give me a heads up:

Lise M Andersen said...

Ha! It's not working on my blog either--- I've never had this prob before-- so it must be something on Googles end..