Sunday, October 6, 2013

Woo! Brambleberry is carrying my e-books!

How fabulous is that? If you want to take a peek, you can find the Back to Basics e-book here, the Lotion Making 101 e-book here, and the Formulating Lotions & Creams e-book here. I'm so excited! Woo!

Just so you know, every penny I raise from any source offering the e-books - Lotioncrafter, Voyageur Soap & Candle, Brambleberry, or this blog - goes to the youth programs we call Rated T for Teen. (Look to the sidebar to see upcoming groups). My husband and I run five groups for kids grades 7 and up (grade 5 and up in Yarrow) at the Chilliwack and Yarrow libraries, and the money goes to pay for all the supplies, food, equipment, and everything else we need to run said programs. If you want to see what your donations pay for, check out the posts with the label craft groups or youth groups to see what amazing things they make!

We cannot thank you enough for your support, and we really appreciate everything you offer to the youth of our community. We couldn't do these programs without your ongoing support!

These are a few examples of the programs we run. It's hard to take pictures of board & card games or video games and make them look interesting when all you see are people thinking around a table, so most of the pictures end up being from craft group.


Robert said...

This confirms my donation in appreciation of your continuing contribution to promote cosmetic chemistry and to your good work on behalf of the youth in your community. Your efforts make a difference.

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks so much for your kind donation, Robert! I've just sent the e-books on their way. We offer what we can and hope we make a difference, and the generosity of readers like you makes it possible for us to do what we do. I love working with youth, and it's great to connect with them over a shared goal of making something or playing a game! I really do have the best life ever!

Lise M Andersen said...

Congrats Susan! :)