Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcome to the blog: A few links and some recommendations

I hope this post finds you well, my lovely readers. I wanted to give those of you who are new to the site a few pointers on how to use it!

If you look to the upper right hand corner of the blog, there's a link that asks you to read this before writing to me. I encourage you to read this before writing to me as it gives you a tour of the blog with information on how to find things! I really can't stress enough how much you should read this part of the blog as it will make finding things much easier.

If you look to the links to lists section, you'll see links to all the lists I've put together for recipes and topics on the blog. I know it can be hard to find things on a blog with 2100 posts, but this should make things easier. If you want to make a hair care recipe, the hair care section is the place to start. Want to know more about essential oils, the essential oils section is probably the best place to visit. Are you new to making products? Then the newbies' section is for you! The frequently asked questions section contains all the frequently asked questions I see, including how to make products and why we do what we do when making products.

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I'm not sure where the people interested in African hair types are coming from, but welcome to you! Please check out those sections as they're pretty much where I will send you when I see you want help formulating a conditioner for the first time. Consider doing a search for product names you like because we did some duplicating a few years ago of products like hair oil and deep conditioners. Here are a few posts that might interest you...

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Busy week at work and school. Better finish my last minute studying and homework!

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