Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Wonderings: Can I use filtered water in products? Can I recycle containers? What scale do I use? And a link to LiseLise's blog!

Ever lip sync dramatically to your dog? Blondie seems really confused by music, but she seems to like the eye contact.

In an e-mail, Doreen asked this question: Can I use filtered water from my sink to make products? It's not reverse osmosis just filtered water we use for drinking.

It depends on what you're filtering out. We need to filter out things like metals because they can mess with our products because they can lead to auto-oxidation and rancidity, or you can use a chelating ingredient like EDTA to help. Check what your filter claims it can do.

If you live somewhere where you can smell the chlorine in the water, definitely don't use this water for things like toners or fragrance sprays where water is the main ingredient! Some people will be able to smell the chlorine through the product. I'm not being excessive here! I can smell the chlorine in the soda pop in Abbotsford, the town next to mine! But then again, I'm really really picky about my water to the point of being a little weird. There are just too many boil water advisories going around these days!

You really want to use distilled or reverse osmosis water, something that removes the minerals. Spring water or mineral water is not your friend in bath and body products!

In the same e-mail, Doren asked another good question: Can I sterilize the containers I already have by first washing them with hot soapy water and then soak them in boiling water?

If you've just purchased them from a supplier, assume they are good to go and don't wash them any further. You can actually make things worse by washing them again, introducing new things to the packaging that weren't there before thanks to your sponge, wash cloth, washing wand, and so on!

If you've used them before and they're plastic containers that have been used for oil containing products, recycle them. Yeah, we can get them nice and clean but we can't get all the oil molecules and those will go rancid far earlier than the beautiful new products you've just packaged! (Ask me how I know this!) This is one of the reasons I buy big containers - 500 ml for my sugar scrubs (2 cups or 16 ounces) - because I can fill them up and not feel bad about throwing them out!

If you're making something like a body wash, shampoo, toner, or other non-oil containing product, you can refill the bottles, but don't do it more than a few times.

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In this post on eye gels (part 2), Bunny asks: Can I ask what weight scale you are always using in these pictures? It's a good size and looks nice and sturdy!

The small one is an Infyniti 150 jewellery scale that weighs up to 150 grams down to 0.1 grams. I bought this for less than $20 at Mountain Gems jewellery shop in Burnaby, B.C.

I think you could get it at shops that sell things related to the drug trade, but you might not want to go into those shops. I had to go into one to get my pH buffer solutions, and it felt very uncomfortable!

My other scale of choice is the Escali scale that measures up to 5000 grams with a 1 gram accuracy. You can get these scales at kitchen stores or your local supplier. (I bought mine at Voyageur Soap & Candle!)

In this post on grapefruit seed extract, Lise notes: I just did a blog post about this after running across an article that promised to reveal which 'all natural preservatives' could be found in ones kitchen and used in DIY products. Grapefruit seed extract was among them. Here's a link if anyone is interested. Pinterest is a 'great' way to spread misinformation.

I agree, which is one of the reasons I write this blog. I get so frustrated when I see misinformation and poor recipes spread because it means that people are wasting money, wasting time, wasting supplies, and wasting their energy on recipes or products that won't work. When we make things that suck, we might not want to make things in the future, which means we lose some people who might have had a passion for our craft!

I cannot stress enough the idea of visiting the tour of the blog before writing to me. There are some valuable things on there, such as not writing to me to ask me to duplicate things and where to find the recipes you seek. And make the FAQ your friend! It's my first stop when I can't remember something or need a quick answer!

Join me tomorrow for a special edition of long Weekend Wonderings!


Lise M Andersen said...

Yay Susan! Thanks! I appreciate the link (and am totally honored at being part of your blog post title!)


Valerie said...

What about reusing glass or metal containers? What if I wash them and then rinse them with acetone? When I worked in a lab this was how we cleaned the glassware.